The Learning Center

The En Femme Learning Center contains frequently published articles for the crossdressing, non-binary and transgender communities by leading industry experts and published authors. Our resource center covers a broad range of topics: empowerment, relationships, coming out, style and fashion advice, and more. Topics and authors are regularly added to offer you one of the most comprehensive learning centers available.

Remember to Breathe
The World Outside
Finding Support
Coming Out as Transgender
Crossdressing 101: Part 4
Crossdressing 101: Part 3
Crossdressing 101: Part 2
Crossdressing 101: Part 1
My 2020 Vision
Jecca Blac Makeup
Identity: Gender vs. Sex
A Brighter Tomorrow
What to Wear
Your Fabulous Shape
Coping with COVID
Strutting Away from Shame
Online, Ourselves