Peplum Dresses to Adore

What is a peplum dress?

The iconic peplum dress gets its name from the Greek word for "tunic," referring to the signature skirt-like frill around the waist or hips of this dress. When they were first invented, a peplum dress would be fitted to a waistcoat or doublet. Now our styles are a bit less constricting - but the peplum dress is still popular around the world.

Is a peplum dress flattering?

Women have been using this dress to accentuate their figure for centuries. With a skirt of fabric emerging at the top of the hips, the body's natural curvature is amplified - an hourglass effect is instantly created. This makes a peplum dress extremely flattering and suited for nearly any occasion - there's a sexy, vegan leather black peplum dress for a flirty night in the city, and an elegant white peplum dress for a picnic in the country (or just about anything in between).

An En Femme Peplum Dress

What figures do peplum dresses suit?

A peplum dress can suit most any figure, and are preferred by cross dressers and trans femme folks for their curvaceous silhouette. Using En Femme's intuitive sizing tool, you'll just need a few points of data to shop for your size.

An En Femme Peplum Dress

What season are peplum dresses for?

A peplum dress can thrive in any season. A pair of sandals and a floppy hat create a perfect spring/summer look. Cute sneakers and a light jacket can be the ingredients for an elevated fall look that strutted right off the runway.

Are peplum dresses still in style?

The peplum-style dress has changed a lot since it was made to complement a doublet. Clothing styles are always evolving, and the contemporary peplum dress is absolutely still in style. En Femme's peplum dresses are completely elegant, flattering pieces that can be worn for many occasions.

En Femme's peplum offerings

As you filter through our dress collection, it's easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. There's a lot to love, and dresses are a wide world. If you want a dress that accentuates your feminine figure by highlighting your curves, then a peplum-style dress is the perfect place to start.

An En Femme Peplum Dress


  • Cheryl

    Peplum dresses camouflage the waist/hip transition. If you are padding your hips, make sure they fade smoothly along your thighs to the hem of your skirt, or you’ll look like you’re wearing pads.

  • Curtice

    I’m new at wearing and purchasing dresses and not brave enough to go public yet I dress in my house only

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