About Us

    About En Femme Style

      We started over 25 years ago helping people who were assigned male at birth find products to express their femininity - first with a catalog and later, a website devoted to those who needed specialized clothing and products to express their true selves.

      Over time, we emerged as a ready-to-wear fashion brand that is out in the open, empowering those assigned male at birth who want to express the feminine while feeling confident and secure in their own body. We’ve evolved as you have – now the leading gender non-conforming brand devoted to those who identify with femininity.
      En Femme is a queer owned brand that designs and creates styles that help you transform, both inside and out – to feel beautiful. We design with knowledge and insight on how to fit your body where other brands don’t. Our philosophy on sustainability keeps us focused on reducing our footprint where possible and treating labor fairly to manufacture our designs.
      The comments, emails and phone calls we receive tell us that what we are doing is something much bigger than just making clothing. From first nights out to feeling gorgeous in a new style, we are here to help you express your feminine self. 
      You helped us to create what En Femme is today and what we will be in the future. Come to us to see what’s new, learn about yourself and from our experts and tell us what you would like to see – we are here for you.