The Secret to Sexy Dresses

If there is one item of clothing that defines femme style and fashion, it has to be the dress.

Sexy dresses for crossdressers and trans women

For every occasion, from a wedding to a date to a leisurely walk in the park, there's a dress that women can trust. Of course, dresses aren't just for women, despite the social norms surrounding the garment. Across the gender landscape, dresses can be comfortable, fashionable, and yes - very sexy. So what makes a dress sexy? In a word, your confidence wearing it. But there are some factors that can help.

Fit, fit, fit

Nothing's more important than fit, which is why at En Femme we tailor the measurements of every style for crossdressers and trans women. Our clothes are designed for AMAB (assigned male at birth) bodies, so our designs - from a sexy party dress to a casual brunch dress - will accentuate your curves just right. A sexy dress will follow the contours of your body and hug you close - but not so close you can't ravish the dance floor.

Sexy dresses for crossdressers and trans women

Know Your Measurements

You'll find it much easier to shop for the ideal sexy dress with a few numbers on hand. To find your measurements, there are three primary locations -

  • The first is your waist. Measure right on your belly button, and don't suck your belly in. A dress should be comfortable, so relax when you're taking the measurement.
  • The second is the chest. Take this measurement 2-3 inches below the nipples, right under the pectoral muscle.
  • The third is the bust. Take this measurement at the nipples, first without any breast forms, then a second measurement with breast forms (if you plan on wearing them).

Remember, different brands number their sizes in different ways, so your size may change from store to store or site to site. At En Femme we make this process easy with a useful sizing tool  for all our dress styles. If the first dress you try isn't quite right, don't fret! En Femme offers  returns and exchanges on products in original condition. We will also work with you prior to purchase to ensure you find the right fit the first time.

The word is occasion

Clothes derive power from context. Your lunch date demands a different look than your night out, and feeling dressed for the occasion is a big factor in feeling your sexy self.

Sexy dresses for crossdressers and trans women

Look at our selection of  sexy dresses, and you'll find everything from a boardroom-stomping power dress, to a pink-sequin disco dress, to the little black dress of your dreams. If you're new to wearing dresses, consider trying something versatile. But as many will attest, finding a dress you love is an addictive experience. There's a lot to choose from!

Why are sleeveless dresses so sexy?

Some dresses are sexy because they bare more skin; some are sexy because they leave something to the imagination. Ultimately it's up to you how much exposure you're comfortable with.

The shoulder bag (and other accessories)

Accessorizing can elevate every look, adding color, style, and function to your ensemble. Take a look at our handbags to find a girl's best friend, and browse all of our accessories to start exploring what it means to accessorize.

Accessories, your shoes, your nails, your hair - all of these elements will frame your dress and contribute to your look. Remember, confidence is key to wearing a dress that shows off your curves and body.

Where can I buy casual and sexy dresses?

Something casual, something formal, something reserved, something downright sexy... En Femme is the premier brand for all cross dressing or trans feminine individuals looking for fierce pieces to add to their wardrobe. Make an account, check out our sale section - baby, take a look around. There's a lot to admire, and a whole lot of life to dress for. 


  • Kelli Ann Snow

    Dresses and cute skirt top outfits are always what I just love to wear. Guys like my look too!💋

  • Kelli Ann Snow

    I’ve always loved dresses, and especially love how I feel in “that perfect dress”. Your suggestions are just wonderful, and should offer great advice to every woman that wants to make a memorable entrance to an event!

  • Bobbi Bubbles

    OMG I love my Dresses being a life long cd’rhas shown me various styles and how to dress by moods in my younger days did not have a clue of how to dress or even what to dress as now I can totally understand dress with confidence love this !!

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