Finding the Right Tucking Underwear or "Gaff"

Gaff selection

Finding the right tucking underwear can sometimes be a confusing experience.  If you’re feeling unsure about what style to choose, don’t worry, you are not alone! There are a few things to consider when selecting a tucking panty or "gaff". You might have questions such as:

  • What style of tucking panty should I wear?
  • What is the best tucking panty for a particular outfit, clothing style or activity?
  • What style of tucking panty is best for my anatomy?
  • What is the best style for a light tuck?
  • How do I measure myself for a tucking panty?

We have created three diverse collections to offer the widest range of fit: our Max Smooth, Comfort Smooth and our Body Slimming collections:

  • The Max Smooth collection creates the smoothest outline with the most compression
  • The Comfort Smooth collection creates a smooth outline but prioritizes comfort
  • The Body Slimming collection offers waist slimming by adding a strong elastic band to help smooth your waist.

When deciding on a tucking panty or gaff, the first question to ask yourself is what style do you prefer?

We have two main style choices to our gaff selections: thong or briefer

  • Thong styles  offer great hold and compression. If you like the look and feel of a thong and prefer less fabric to hold a tuck, the thong style is the best choice. Plus:
    • Minimal panty lines under clothing
    • Sleek, minimal design aesthetic 
    • Easily able to adjust tuck level with a quick pull on the back

  • Briefer designs are a great choice if you do not like the feel or styling of a thong. As the originator of this style, we continue to develop this style for those who:
    • Prefer a full back panty
    • Increased comfort during all day wear
    • Want the feel of a more traditional underwear design

What is the best gaff for a particular outfit, clothing style or activity?

  • Thong Style: This style may be preferred under leggings, tight dresses, bathing suits, and under lingerie or other panties when you are looking for minimal panty lines and minimal show under other clothing. Many people mix and match our thong gaffs with bathing suit bikini tops to create a fabulous look. You can also use these for exercise by pairing it outside of leotards or under leggings or workout shorts. Many of our customers like to pair our high waist slimmer gaffs with a favorite sport bra for exercise or more active days. They provide  great flexible compression with abdominal support.
  • Briefer style: Use our briefers alone for exercise or match it with our matching sport bras for a great gym/athleisure outfit. Briefers tend to give a bit better smoothing effect under jeans compared to a thong style. You may not want to pair briefer styles with thinner fabrics or tight-fitting clothing (dresses or leggings) if you prefer not to show panty lines.

Bathing suits: You can coordinate any of our comfort or max smooth  thong style gaffs with other mid to high sheen bathing suit bikini tops. We suggest our slingshot thong style under any one piece bathing suits to keep the front more smooth. 

Tight bodycon dresses, skirts or leggings: We suggest our max smooth thong style for extra  smoothing power and comfortable all day wear.

Swing skirts or looser clothing:  We suggest our comfort smooth gaffs. They are very effective at smoothing, but just a touch less flat compared to our max smooth thong, and offer more fabric with more stretch that offers a higher level of all day comfort. Another great choice are any of our briefer designs (everyday, ultra fit or garter style) for all day comfort since panty lines are not a concern with flowing clothing styles.

What style is best for my anatomy?

People come in all shapes and sizes. A gaff helps to keep your front flat for a smooth outline. If you are average to a little above average in size, then any style of our compression panty styles will flatten effectively. If your anatomy is in the smaller range, we suggest any of our max smooth styles as more compression will be more helpful.  If you are much larger than average, then we suggest either our briefer gaffs, or our comfort smooth thong gaff as these have wider and longer compression panels.

What is the best style for no tuck or a light tuck?

Some of you may want a smoother outline, but do not want to rearrange or tuck (ie, you simply push your penis back or down). In this case, we suggest our comfort smooth thong, or our comfort slingshot thong, as these offer the most stretch and flex in the fabric. Do not size down if this is your goal.  You can also  order any briefer gaff style (Everyday, Ultra Fit  or garter style) one size larger, creating a more roomy pair of compression underwear.

How do I measure myself for a gaff?

For thong style gaffs, the key waist measurement is taken at the hip bones as shown in the image:

The panty will "sit" at the hip bones and each style has specific sizing requirements.  Check each product description to find a size.  For example, you might be a size Medium in our Comfort Smooth thong but a Large in our Max Smooth Slingshot thong. 

For briefer back tucking panties, you measure at the widest point of your hip as shown in the image:

If you are in between sizes, you should always size up.  For example if you are 36.5 inches at the hip, you should always order the Medium.  Tucking panties are tight products, and trying to force a fit into a smaller size can be difficult.

For Body Slimming gaffs, take more of the traditional waist measurement above the hip bones, then find your size.  Keep in mind if you have a "muffin top" waistline, this may not be the best style as the elastic will push upwards on your waist.

While finding the right style of tucking panty might take some trial and error we are here to help you get it right the first time! If you are purchasing for the first time or need sizing help, we are here to get you into the gaff that works for you.

Email us at with your measurements and we'll be back to you quickly with sizing and recommendations.



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      So many thanks for your kindness and assistance as I was becoming rather desperate as to which way my mind was going. Your messages and help were brilliant. Someone like me entering a new world needs kindness, help and understanding. I feel confident that as a lady I will have so much more fun than at present. I cannot wait to meet the right man to start a new adventure. xx

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      AKA Dawn. I have been dressing for over 45 years and never knew exactly how to choose or find the right for a gaff. This article showed me exacty what I needed to know. Thanks Hon!!

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      AKA Veronica. I’m 41 inches at both places. I’m quite small. I’ve been a customer for several years, and love what you’ve done for me. You are the best…

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