Swing Dresses for All!

Of all the styles of dresses, few are more versatile than the swing dress.

Why is it called a swing dress?

Swing dresses are cut in an A-line shape but have more fabric from the chest-down than a more form-fitting dress.

This fabric gives the dress tons of movement as you move, strut, and dance! Swing dresses also have the benefit of providing a feminine silhouette regardless of your body type. Whether thin or curvy, the swing dress hits in all the right places to give you that instant sense of femininity.

Transgender woman in a swing dress

Are swing dresses flattering?

With an accommodating fit, swing dresses are flattering for all body types. All women, men, and genderqueer folks can enjoy the freedom of motion and luxuriously soft fabric of an En Femme swing dress. An En Femme swing dress is designed specifically for the AMAB body, or assigned male at birth, so whether you are looking for the dress to fit without curves or with curves, our swing dresses will fit perfectly.

en femme wrap swing dress

How does a swing dress fit?

This will vary, of course, by the specific dress (its neckline, its cut), but most swing dresses will be fitted across the chest and shoulders, widening through the waist to a billowy hem.

This shape gives the style its name, as the fabric will swing with movement. Some dresses will come with pockets, some are a bit more dressy and minimal. You'll find casual swing dresses to join your friends in the park, and slightly more streamlined silhouettes perfect for a cocktail party. 

What do you wear under a swing dress?

Because of the billowing nature of the dress, it can be a good idea to pair it with some shorts or at least a good tucking panty or gaff, preventing any... Marilyn Monroe-type moments. Tights can also be worn under a swing dress. If you want a more hourglass silhouette, adding breast forms or shaping to the hip will further enhance.  Don’t have any of those things? That’s fine - En Femme’s swing dresses will fit you whether you add shaping or keep things au natural.

How do you warm up a dress?

With a loose fit and typically thin fabric, swing dresses can leave you a bit chilly should the weather turn. Bring a jacket for a light layer that can bring your swing dress through the spring or fall. Or even wear some tights for an extra layer.  En Femme offers long sleeve swing dresses for extra coverage too.

Transgender woman in a vegan leather swing dress

Which are the best summer swing dresses?

When the leaves appear, the birds holler, and any other sign of summer reveals itself, it's time to break out your favorite swing dress. A floral swing dress is the perfect casual summer staple, whether you're frolicking in the town or the country.  En Femme offers swing dresses with short cap type sleeves and sleeveless versions as well.

Transgender woman in a white skater swing dress

En Femme's swing dresses

Swing dresses can be so many things, from a sleek and understated navy everyday dress to a show-stopping red vegan leather party number. Shop our  selection to see for yourself.

For the latest trends, top deals, and discreet shipping, there's no better store for a cross dresser's closet than En Femme. So come shop with us and find your next favorite dress! Sign up for our email list to get special offers and tantalizing prices.


  • Pamela Stewart

    I own two swing dresses and love them I Wear them for casual outing or an evening out with friends.

  • Friedrich Stegmaier

    Im a man and i like to dress a women

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