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For those seeking a male-to-female transformation or just looking to cross dress in smaller ways, finding the right store is important. Now, the act of cross dressing reveals how clothes are thought as inherently "male" or "female”, which they are not, but this is the world we live in and our goal is to ensure that we create an environment where you feel comfortable shopping.

A crossdresser looking in the mirror

Most stores, whether online or a physical department store will divide its offerings between men's and women's clothing. If you're trying to dress beyond that boundary as someone who was assigned male at birth, you'll need a specialty store - you'll need En Femme. En Femme designers have been designing for the AMAB body, or assigned male at birth, for over 25 years.  We are proud to have a dedicated store just for the transfeminine, or those who identify with femininity. 

It's our honor to provide a wide range of quality crossdressing products and categories for feminine transformation: dresses & gowns, tops, bottoms, lingerie, swimsuits, silicone breast forms, sexy pumps, tucking panties or gaffs, wigs, makeup, accessories, and more.

We cater to crossdressers, the transgender woman, or anyone else looking for women's or feminine clothing to fit a a body assigned male at birth - a glamour boutique for the feminine.

A transgender woman by a window

En Femme's mission for cross dressers and transgender women

In short - to be the store you always dreamed of.

Whether you consider it cross dress or transgender clothing, there is a large unmet need for quality products in this sphere.

A group of transgender women in athleisure

We offer a large selection of styles that will fit your body correctly, using premium quality materials and innovation to create feminine allure. Body shaping will also help with creating that feminine silhouette, such as silicone breast forms and other shapers to create an hourglass figure so that you can express yourself with confidence.

Finding the right fit and style

When it comes to fit, our clothing is designed off of the AMAB body - or those assigned male at birth.  This includes differences such as inseam, shoulder width, arm length, and overall dimensions that typical women’s clothing doesn’t necessarily accommodate. Our clothing also supports a broader range of sizes  - we utilize our own proprietary sizing guide to ensure as close to a perfect fit every time. 

Three transgender women wearing sequin dresses

En Femme designs and creates styles that help you transform, both inside and out – to feel beautiful. We design with knowledge and insight on how to fit your body where other brands don’t. Our philosophy on sustainability keeps us focused on reducing our footprint where possible and treating labor fairly to manufacture our designs - right here in Philadelphia.

We offer discreet shipping options in plain packaging and for orders over $100, standard domestic shipping is free.

What do you buy a crossdresser or transgender woman as a gift?

Looking to shop for a crossdresser or transgender woman in your life a gift? With our entire offering of products online, En Femme is the perfect place to find a piece that will delight them.

A transgender woman wearing a skater dress near a window

From the subtle to the show-stopping, we're proud to offer crossdressing garments and transgender clothing and accessories for every occasion such as dresses, corsets and skirts, makeup and breast forms. We are here to help guide you to find the perfect gift - all with discreet shipping. If you are unsure of what to shop for, consider a gift card for your favorite crossdresser - available in multiple increments.

From silicone breast forms to sexy pumps to help you express yourself

Shopping at En Femme should feel like the shopping experience you've always deserved. We offer quality products that help shape the body so that you can create the foundation for a gorgeous dress skirt or blouse.  We also offer a variety of silicone based products such as silicone breast forms that will help you create curves and a feminine silhouette. Our shoe selection offers shoes and boots in a broad range of sizes, including heels in larger sizes or open toe heels that are hard to find.

Those who sign up for the newsletter join a community committed to celebrating cross dressing in every form. When you sign up to our newsletter, you’ll be the first to know about special sales, known as insider sales, only for our subscribers. We provide tips and ways to help you express your feminine self and choose products that will help you transform.

A bigender woman in a wrap dress sitting in a chair

Come check out our catalog and also email subscribe to see for yourself why we're not shy about calling ourselves the best cross dressing store that will help you with male to female transformation and find and express your femininity.


  • Mark Powley

    Recently purchased swimsuit. Have been looking at a couple dresses for awhile. However, they seem to be out of stock in my size(xl) for quite some time. How often do you restock, or once a style sells out is that it?

  • Angela R

    I have been feeling trap in the wrong body for years, but i take the courage to come out as a women. I would love to know what i should do next.

  • Me

    I’m afraid if I went into this store I would never leave.
    I have never felt this way however I feel that I would drop to my knees and…..

  • Paulette

    I absolutely love the selection and quality of clothing and accessories found at Enfemme. I would highly recommend our community supporting this on line store.

  • Greg Bogert

    I’m nervous, but excited

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