Little Black Dresses

Few items of clothing have been as influential, even epoch-making, as the little black dress (so much so that it can even garner proper capitalization - the Little Black Dress [LBD]).

It emerged at the perfect moment, when hardship and modernity in the 1920s created a deep need for something simple and cheap, yet elegant. Something that communicates timeless style without the ostentatious (and expensive) trappings of previous fashions.

Who pioneered little black dresses?

In 1926, Vogue published a drawing of a black dress by Coco Chanel. It was simple, with long sleeves and a midi length. In the zeitgeist of the times, they called it "Chanel's Ford," an incredibly versatile and mass-producible item of concentrated utility.

Thus the classic little black dress was born. From its conception, it was a democratic item, intended to equalize the fluctuating fashion trends of the day with unbeatable simplicity.

Transgender Woman in a Little Black Dress

When did little black dresses come into fashion?

Little Black Dress by Coco Chanel

From the get-go, the perfect little black dress became wildly popular. Christian Dior made a notable contribution with a cinched waist and full skirt, and the LBD's ascent has been meteoric ever since.

Soon it dominated the media. The most widely known example is, of course, Audrey Hepburn in 1961's Breakfast at Tiffany's, where she wears a chic black cocktail dress through the night's party and into the next morning.

The little black dress has morphed with the times, from the extravagance of the 80s to the more minimal 90s. Princess Diana famously wore a little black "revenge dress" after the scandal of Prince Charles' infidelity.

What is the purpose of a little black dress?

The enduring appeal of the little black dress is rooted in its wide applicability and possibility for variation. You can find a black sweater dress, a slip dress, a midi dress; a black dress for a formal event, a date night, a casual night; an LBD with a scoop neck or a high neck, long-sleeved or sleeveless.

You'll find cute black dresses made by En Femme that satisfy all of these contexts. The unifying ethos of these dresses is their elegant simplicity. You can find an LBD for any purpose or occasion.

Audrey Hepburn in a Little Black Dress

Who wears a little black dress?

Anyone and everyone! The LBD was always intended to be a piece that any woman could wear. Now, with brands like En Femme crafting dresses for assigned-male-at-birth bodies, there is no limit on who can wear a beautiful little black dress.

En Femme Little Black Dress

Who said every woman should have a little black dress?

While certainly many have uttered a similar statement, the direct quote is likely a misattribution. Probably the most famous quote to this tune came from the mouth of designer Karl Lagerfeld: "One is never over- or under-dressed with a little black dress."

Where to buy little black dresses?

En Femme carries a premier line of little black dresses for any occasion, in all manner of materials and styles. Those looking to stay on top of trend shop with discernment for the nuances of fit and fashion, and we are committed to staying on the leading edge. Soon, you'll be ready to apply that red lipstick, choose the perfect color shoes, and step out on the town in your beautiful En Femme little black dress!


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