An Introduction to Body Shaping

An Introduction to Body Shaping

Body shaping is a powerful tool in a crossdresser's or trans woman’s closet. It can mean the difference between a simple, lovely outfit and a jaw-dropping femme transformation.

Because of the industry-standard binary in clothing shapes, many garments made for women don't accommodate assigned-male-at-birth bodies.

Body shaping with padded shapers from En Femme

A transgender woman wearing a body shaper from En Femme

What is body-shaping?

Body shaping is the art of subtly changing the perceived shape of one's body using specialized garments and silicone forms. In this blog, we'll cover what body shaping is, what it isn't, and how you can use body contouring in your looks.

When we write here of body-shaping, we're referring to the products that alter the shape of one's body - non-surgical body sculpting: breast forms, padded girdles, butt lifters, waist-slimmers, corsets, etc.

The art of body contouring

These are tools in the techniques of nonsurgical body sculpting. With the right piece or combination, you can craft a gorgeous, curvaceous silhouette.

Your body shaping tools can become as integral a part of your appearance as your clothes! Once you have a feeling for the sort of look you desire, your personalized usage of body shapers can amplify the feminine transformation you're after.

Assigned-male-at-birth bodies tend to have wider shoulders and a more rectangular proportion than those assigned female. To compensate for this, body shaping techniques add to your bust, hips, and buttocks, while sometimes slimming your waist.

This creates the illusion of an "hourglass" figure: curvy bust, narrow waist, curvy hips and rear. It's a stereotype, of course, but this shape is commonly identified with a feminine persona, and much of women's clothing is created with this body shape in mind.

A transgender woman wearing a dress with an hourglass silhouette

A quick note on surgical procedures

Body shaping should be fun and sexy but never dangerous.

In your individual journey of identity and appearance, numerous options advertise themselves to you - plastic surgeons peddle aesthetic plastic surgery, surgical procedures for excess fat reduction, and more; promising to provide a miraculous solution to body image. They may promise to help you lose weight without the need for exercise or even a healthy diet.

It is well within your rights to pursue these procedures, but many come with serious medical risks.

At En Femme, we aren't encouraging or discouraging you from these procedures, but we want you to know there are non-surgical options that can achieve much of the same effect.

What can I use for body-shaping?

Now for the fun part. Here is En Femme's line of body shaping products.

Silicone breast forms from En Femme

Silicone breast forms

En Femme's silicone breast forms are years in the making. With a comprehensive variety of shapes and fits, there's a breast form for everyone.

We carry a premium line of semi-liquid silicone forms encased in a medical grade film to hold their shape including self-adhering breast forms, forms with straps, breast enhancers, and all the breast form accessories to keep your forms looking their best. 

Possessing a bust can be an important look for a crossdresser. Not only is having breasts empowering, but can be an important aspect to creating the hourglass silhouette. Dresses and blouses, for example, can be enhanced with silicone forms to achieve that effect.

The Divine Collection

For those searching for a top-of-the-line breast form, there is the Divine Collection. These uber-realistic breast forms are handcrafted in the highest quality solid silicone available.

Divine breast forms take four to six weeks to handcraft and ship to you. If you want a breast form that you can wear joyfully and constantly, with clothes or without, then this collection is for you. The Divine Collection forms can be customized in a variety of ways to find the perfect fit and complement to your body.

Divine Collection Breast Forms

Body-shaping garments

There's a whole world of body-shaping garments to explore. These pieces perform one or multiple functions: slimming the waist, lifting or padding the buttocks, gaffing or tucking for the front, or adding volume to your hips.

Shaper combined with pantyhose from En Femme


Take, for example, these shaping/butt-lifting all-in-one pantyhose. Made of incredibly soft nylon, these pantyhose smooth the entire torso while lifting the butt.

Discreet and effective, this piece could be a staple in your body shaping closet.


If waist and torso slimming is your primary focus, look at one of our slimming corsets. With breathable fabric that's comfortable even in the summer months, this shaper can be adjusted with three closure positions for a customized fit.

 A hook and eye body shaper corset from En Femme

A hip enhancing girdle from En Femme


Adding volume and shape to your hips and rear, girdles like this model are a simple way to create the silhouette you're after and make your clothes fit as they should.

Wear your girdle under a dress or skirt for a voluptuous look.

What is the best body-shaping underwear?

As noted above, several of the body shaping garments we carry will double function as gaff underwear, tucking your front for a smooth appearance.

You can also find gaff tucking panties with waist-slimming features, like these, which tuck your front and slim your waist simultaneously. With a design inspired by ballet dancers' belts, this gaff tucking panty is perfect for everyday all-day wear (even for exercise and physical activity).

Can I wear shapewear every day?

While all En Femme's shapewear is designed to shape your gorgeous figure without constricting, it's important to be in touch with how a given piece is making you feel.

If sized correctly, there should be no issue, but if a body shaper is too tight, restricting blood flow or cramping, overuse can be very uncomfortable. If you notice discomfort or numbness after wearing your body shaper, practice some moderation and give yourself some time without it.

With the correct size, however, many people wear a body shaper nearly every day.

Body slimming tucking panties from En Femme

Body shaping with En Femme

If you love fabulous clothes, you know they need to fit perfectly. Body shaping helps AMAB bodies fit the beautiful feminine clothes they want to wear, and gives them curves to adore in any context. Shop En Femme's body shaping line for your next piece.


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