Gaff Panty Underneath It All

Whether you have your feminine curves or you're manually building your body, one way or the other you need appropriate undergarments to maintain your womanly wonders. There are plenty of undergarments for all figure types and situations, some are found in the lingerie department of a local retailer, and others you'll be able to find specifically for transgender individuals here at En Femme™.

Pack Away Your Package

If you're pre-op, the most important issue is how to pack away your package. There are numerous ways to do this, but the most common way is with a gaff, or tucking panties. Gaffs come in a variety of feminine fabrics, sizes, shapes, shades, and can be purchased through En Femme™. These creations are produced to push and tightly hold everything back between your legs near your... well, you know! In essence, you'll be sitting on your secret.

Junk in the Trunk

As we work our way up the body, remember most women have hips and some junk in the trunk. There are plenty of panty-shaping products patterned with pockets to insert pads for these areas. En Femme provides an innovative and exclusive girdle padding package with seamless padding that enhances the butt and hips appropriately. You can also find padded girdles for just the hips or just the rear from many retailers – you will want to make sure the pads are not too small for a larger framed body. The key is your pads should not be boxy, and should create curves when shaped under the Spandex. You won't want to be the delicate debutante with square hips!

The Perky Pair

The perky pair is our next stop! If you are considering breast augmentation, you’ll want to seek a plastic surgeon experienced with transitioning women to provide you with a custom consultation on breast size, optimal profile and placement. If you are using breast forms or padding, the typical rule of thumb is to (while inhaling to ensure you can breathe) measure your under bust, usually the center part of your rib cage. This number will provide the appropriate bra size, if the measurement is not an even number, round down to the nearest inch or half-inch. Your cup size should be based on your body frame. If you have broad shoulders, you will want a larger size D or DD cup to balance the aesthetic; likewise, if you have smaller shoulders, a B or C cup should be acceptable. The base of your breasts forms should sit just beneath the bottom of your pectoral muscles; women's breasts are heavy and sag even with support, and so should yours! Consult the En Femme Interactive Breast Recommendation engine for more specific information on choosing a new bust line.

To create cleavage, you can pull the skin beginning from under your arm, and pulling the flesh from your pecs toward the center and upward. Depending on your bra, the skin may stay in place, or you may need to use medical tape to secure the cleavage line, by wrapping the tape around your body – do not use duct tape! If you are using silicone breast forms you can glue the forms to your physique using specialized body glue; if you are using padding, try placing your pads inside tied off nude panty hose to mold the shape and blend with your skin tone. A padded bra can help round out your busty bosom.


Lastly, no matter how thin you are, you need some spandex! If Steel Magnolias taught us anything, it's you don't leave the house without Lycra on your thighs! My personal preference is a onesie, but Spanx, corsets, girdles, waist cinchers and other body shapers hide hip and booty pad lines, can help further conceal the business between your legs, can provide you with the breast support you need, and can mold your body into a feminine form and keep everything where you want. Spandex and Lycra are amazing tools, and you should take advantage of its power to create the body image of your dreams!