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Earrings: How to Wear Any Earring Without Piercing

Many ladies, after seeing our pictures or meeting us in public, have asked if we have pierced ears. The answer is no! 
The second question is: "Then, why do your ears look pierced?"

It's actually very easy to create the pierced-ear illusion, with the assistance of actual pierced earrings.

We both usually wear various hoop and drop-style earrings. At more formal occasions, we will use a double pierced look. 

To create the pierced look is easier than you might expect. First, buy pierced earrings with posts and clasps—also known as “lever back” or “hammer-and-pin.” The clasps will come in handy to keep the earring on your lobe.

For hoop earrings, take the earring post and cut it with a wire clipper about ⅛ inch from the end, then blunt the remainder of the post with a metal file to eliminate the sharp point and create a dull post. The post will press into your earlobe and the clasp will secure the earring to the back of your ear. If you do it right, the earring will never fall off your ear.

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A few words of caution: The pin will leave an indentation in your ear lobe for several hours so it will look like you DO have pierced ears. If the hammer presses too firmly the pin can actually puncture the ear. Also the clipped pin can be sharp and can scratch your ear lobe if the earring accidentally gets tugged so be sure to file it down well.

To keep from getting your ear scratched, buy the little clear post covers and slip them over the shortened post. The covers will blend in to your skin and protect your lobes.

Dangly earrings are fun and sexy. In the past Heidi has replaced the shepherd's hook with a safely pin modified into a pincher that sort of pinches on to the ear lobe. They look pretty good but don't stay on very well and also can scratch your ear lobe. By far the best advice is to get earring converters at a craft store in the jewelry section. These work on almost all dangle style earrings and hold very well.

Travel Tips for crossdressers

Stud earrings, whether single or double, can be classy or casual even though we don't wear them often.

Take a stud and clip off the entire shaft as close to the head as possible. Use a metal file to get as much of the remaining stump removed as possible. Simply apply a small drop of Super Glue to the back of the stud and with a pair of tweezers (to keep the glue off your fingers) holding the stud, press it on to your ear. After 10 seconds the glue should set and the stud will hold until you are ready to take it off. Super Glue is actually easy to clean up. Just pick off the residue with your nail at the end of the night.

For the double-pieced look, follow the same procedure and glue the second stud about half an inch higher on the ear above your earlobe. Whether you use a hoop, dangly, or stud as the featured earring, a matching stud can easily compliment and enhance your ear. 

Give it a try. We have been using both techniques for years.

Editors Note: Heidi has had pierced ears in the past, but due to circumstances, has let the skin grow back. Carollyn has never had pierced ears.