How to Size yourself using our Interactive Sizing tool

TG Measuring and Sizing

For years, we have been perfecting the design of stylish, innovative feminine clothing styles that fit the anatomical male form. Our clothing is a great choice for those who like to crossdress (male to female) or those individuals who have or are transitioning, yet their body shape still retains many of its original male proportions. There are many body contours a transitioning girl can change – like her cheeks, breasts, hips and even her hairline – but she can’t move her waist, make her torso shorter or reduce her arm length.

This article will help you to navigate the confusion that can be male to female size conversion by explaining how to use our innovative sizing tools so you can choose your correct size from our clothing line.

Our Chart and Sizing is Exclusive to our Styles

Before we start, I want to mention that our chart probably will not correspond to other women’s sizing charts you will see on the Internet. Why? Because we DESIGN styles made to fit you – with increased lengths and widths in the correct anatomical places, so our chart will help you choose the correct En Femme Style – it will most probably not correspond with other fashion lines.

Are you a good fit for our Fashions?

In relation to panties, Gaffs, Bras, corsets or undergarments – Almost any body type will fit our styles. However, for Dresses, Skirts, Blouses, Suits and Jackets, please reference these basic size ranges for our styles:

Height: Our styles best fit figures from 5’9” – 6’2”

Don’t be discouraged if you are out of this range. If you are a bit shorter (ex: 5’7” or 5’8”), the styles might run an inch or 2 long and if you are 6’3” or 6’4”, some skirt lengths will be about 2 inches shorter than you see in the pictures. If you are shorter than 5’6” our styles will probably be too long, but you are lucky since you can shop at almost any regular women’s store for clothing!

Weight: 140 lbs to 270 lbs

Depending on the style – we range from size small (36” chest) to size 2X (50” chest). If you are lighter than 140 – lucky you, but our styles might not fit you well and be too big. On the larger end, we don’t currently carry styles in 3X or 4X – but we may add some in the future.

Now that you know the basics, and you fit into the height and size ranges above, how do you find your appropriate size?

Most sites offer you a chart with numbers. You find your size, and hope for the best when ordering. That can be challenging. At En Femme, we have simplified this process!

Because we know that cross-gender clothing selection will be confusing, we created and programmed an Exclusive, Online Interactive Sizing tool.

Question: What does it do?

Answer: All you do it enter your height and weight, and our tool will estimate your size plus give you our designer tips and advice for your particular dimensions. It’s like having your own personal En Femme Designer helping to size you.

Special Features of the SF Interactive sizing tool

1. Advises the chest and waist range for your dimensions – No need to cross reference charts. Just input your height and weight. If you read the designer advice, it will tell you what chest and waist measurements are appropriate for your dimensions.

2. Suggests solutions if you are out of the size range: Let’s say your chest is in the size range, but your waist is larger. The designer’s advice section will tell you how to proceed and what sizes will be most appropriate!

3. Alerts you if you are in between sizes – wouldn’t you love to know if your height and weight are probably between size Large and XL? Which size should you choose? Our interactive chart will alert you and give you advice how best to size yourself (in the designer’s advice section).

4. Athletic and plump recommendations: Sometimes, a particular height and weight could denote 2 different body types. For example, At 5’10” and 210 lbs, you could be athletic (44chest, 35waist) or more plump (42 chest, 45 waist). The SF interactive sizing tool has you covered with customized recommendations for both body types.


Yes, you can convert the chart to metric. Just click the “UNITS” button at the top right of the chart and the chart converts to metric

Don’t have a measuring tape?

Just get any piece of string and use that to measure around your chest and waist. Mark that measurement on the string. Now all you need to do is compare the string to any tape measure! We know you have a tape measure in the house.

Simplified Sizing, Expert Advice, Ease of Use

We have simplified sizing conversion with our unique, exclusive tool. Our IT team has integrated our 25 years of experience and knowledge into this engine so that you may securely order the correct size, the first time, from our unique fashion line. Please take the time to read the designer’s advice section and most importantly, don’t assume your measurements, it’s always best to measure your body for confirmation.

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