Crossdresser on Treadmill

Working Out in Heels!

This might sound funny, but it’s true!

Working out in high heels IS good for your health. If you don’t believe me


In fact, clothes are the most important factor in the way people perceive you.

Walking in heels is hard enough for many cross dressers, but I have found, thanks to a tip from my friend Jamie Grae (shown in the feature picture), that one of the best workouts you can have is walking in heels on a treadmill or stair climber.

I know most men would feel quite funny wearing heels at a fitness center. However, what’s stopping you from doing so at home…other than your spouse.

Cross dressing men usually have nicer and shapelier legs than most women because they have played sports all their lives and are more dedicated to staying in shape as they age.

Walking in heels on a treadmill or stair climber can be such a benefit for your overall health. Not only will you learn to balance while walking in heels, but your legs will get stronger and more toned than ever and your cardio vascular system will improve. I living proof. My legs look great and I feel wonderful.

Practice Makes Perfect

Following Jamie’s expert advice, I started slowly because I did not know what to expect. She said, “If you regularly walk two miles during each workout, try walking a short distance in heels at a slow speed and see how it goes. Don’t rush it. Take small steps first, and as you get more comfortable, stretch out to your stride. Day-by-day you can increase your speed and distance. Before you know it, you will be back to your regular routine, but you will be doing it wearing heels.”

Heels for the Novice Tread-Heel-ista

These En Femme styles are 3" or under & some feature a wider Block heel for stability

Don’t try Wearing 4-inch Pumps on Your First Day

At first, I wore a comfortable pair of old heels with the idea that if I broke a heel or tore the lining, I would not be concerned. Thus, start with shoes that are comfortable with one or two inch heels and as your confidence grows move up a half an inch or an inch at a time. At the end of 30-days, you should be able to walk about a quarter mile in your favorite heels.

Working out can be even more fun if you do it en femme. So, put on your make up, your favorite wig and wear a leotard with breast forms, tights and even a corset. You might as well feel great and look feminine in the process. (En Femme has a great assortment of corsets and high heels, when you want to reach your preferred height in Spike Heel Boots or Stilettos).

The utmost training is to walk with a long mirror in front of you so you can see yourself to improve your swagger and look sexy as well. Do all this and you'll definitely turn heads with a perfect walk. If you don’t have a treadmill or stair climber available at home, don’t be afraid to try working out at a fitness center. Yes, with heels.

A cross-dressing friend recently told me that he wore women’s boots at the gym and nobody seemed to notice because he wore long running slacks that almost touched the ground, and covered most of the heel. One day, an instructor inquired why he was wearing heels. “Planter Fasciitis” he replied. “My doctor said that if I keep my foot at a certain angle, it does not hurt.” The instructor agreed.

En Femme Heels for a True Treadmill Diva

These styles are 4" - 5" with a good amount of stability