Crossdresser Belts and Jewelry

So, you are all dressed up and ready to go. The excitement and exhilaration of finally slipping into that new dress or skirt and top from En Femme has been building for the last few hours and you are more than pleased with the “look” that you have created and the very attractive image peering back at you from the mirror.

Before we look at choosing accessories, it’s worth mentioning how, in my opinion, your overall style and presentation is one of the keys to “passing” if that is your goal. Yet style is something you either have or don’t; if you don’t (and can admit it!), don’t worry too much (as many don’t have it either), but spend some time having a look through women’s clothing catalogs, the En Femme website or at the women’s fashions in a department store—or even talk to one of your girlfriends about it. Style is not necessarily about what is fashionable—it’s all about what make you look good in regard to your body shape, height, posture, coloring and so on.

In any event, back to the main topic: you may be like me and break down the stages of your transformation info five or so key stages: shower and preparation of body (creams, moisturizer, makeup, feminine deodorant); inner wear (bra, panties, tights etc); outer wear (skirt/dress); make-up, wig; and, of course, accessories. If you’ve gone to all that trouble to make yourself look “good”, make sure you choose the right colors and style of accessories to complete the image and make yourself look even better or “great”!

To my mind, accessories fall conveniently into several categories, namely: essential adornments (rings, earrings, necklaces), complementary/optional items (belts, brooches, scarves, hair bows or slides (if you wear them) and then something such as a purse or handbag. Shoes are, of course, essential items, but can also be considered as accessories in view of their wide range of styles and colors.

As a guide, these are some of the “rules” I follow for myself when matching my accessories with my main attire:

  • What is the dominant color of the clothes I am wearing? If it is one color I usually select accessories to enhance or compliment that color (ie beiges with browns, white with black—but not oranges with greens, or reds with blues). If I am wearing a mixture of colors in, say, a floral patterned skirt, I work with the main, prevalent color to select the tones of my jewelry or my belt or scarf.
  • Where am I going: shopping, to meet friends for lunch or a party or a restaurant or night function? For day wear, I usually select more neutral color tones and more discreet items (say, pastel colors such as yellow, sky blue with a smart watch; plus a simple bracelet and ear-studs or small earrings). As night descends, naturally, the mood changes and I go for more vivid pinks, reds and more chunky accessories such as long chain-type necklaces, heavier looking watches and bracelets, large loop earrings and so on.
  • How am I made up—both in style and color tones? If it’s day time and you are presenting a more subtle styling and coloring (ie no eyeliner or maybe no lip gloss, and with softer colored eye shadow) aim for the natural look, with your rings, earrings, belt being noticeable but not overtly so. Again, as night falls and you apply mascara and heavier make-up, raise the hemline of your skirt/dress and height of your heels, delve into your jewelry box and find something sparkly, sexy and more lively, more vivid than those accessories you had on in the day to go with the evening make-up style.
  • Does the color of my accessories, match with each other as well as with my outfit? For example, do the tones of my earrings match with that of my rings, necklace or belt (if you are wearing, let’s say, silver color based earrings, don’t go and put on a gold colored ring or belt; or, if your necklace is mainly blue, don’t wear red shoes…)

Clearly, the selection of accessories (as with clothing) is very much down to personal taste and the “look” you wish to present, but there is definite skill (fairly easily learned) in how to select all the requisite accessories to make you look that much better in your En Femme attire—and also, perhaps more importantly, make people say when they see you: “Wow, you look great/amazing! Where did you buy that lovely ring or necklace or belt etc?”

In fact, some people make a full-time living out of teaching others how to match clothes and accessories and look good/great—now there’s maybe a new career to think about…