Five Subtle Tips to Remember if You Are Planning to Go Out Crossdressed

Text reads: Five Subtle Tips for Going Out Crossdressed

Five Subtle Tips to Remember if You Are Planning to Go Out Crossdressed

Want some subtle pointers and tips to help you achieve an all-round better image when heading out and about crossdressed?

Then imagine: you’ve just spent nearly two hours getting ready, carefully dressing in your En Femme finery—and now you look picture perfect! Your dress looks beautiful, your makeup went on without a hitch, and your wig and accessories complement your whole look.

Indeed, now you look like a complete woman; ready for a day out or night about town in a great restaurant with some friends.

You’ve read and remembered and practiced most of the tips we've given before—but, to be fair, you probably knew most of them anyway. And now, you feel you know it all and can pass comfortably in public.

Yet, there is more. More tips and things to watch out for, more nuances and discreet pointers that, if you take on board, will further add to your authenticity as a fully-fledged En Femme woman.

So, let’s have a look at another top 5 (subtle) tips to give you that extra edge, that extra confidence:

  • Walk more slowly and be conscious of each footstep as you find your stride. Women tend to walk more narrowly in their stride—think tightrope instead of skis. It shouldn’t be one for directly in front of the other, but even while walking briskly, women’s strides are often closer together. If you can remember to do so, suck in your stomach slightly as this helps with presenting a more feminine walk. Don’t wiggle your bottom or overdo swaying your hips, since everyday women don’t walk that way, but sucking in can help add some natural movement in your hips. Generally, be more sedate and fluid in your general movements, making them more languid until you get comfortable enough in your body language.
  • If you are in town or a shopping center, don’t forget to look into shop windows as you pass. Feel free to let your gaze linger ever so slightly on the merchandise as you pass clothes shops, shoe shops, lingerie shops—or anything that interests you. It’s natural to look around at the world as you move through it. Don’t let being dressed make you feel like you need to hurry through the world, dodging detection. Stop for a few seconds to look in some windows, if you like, or possibly pop into one or two shops. Even though you may not have any intention to buy anything, it’s always nice to have a look, isn’t it?
  • When parking and getting out of your car, don’t quickly open the door and leap out. It goes without saying that the right decorum is necessary if you’re wearing a mini- or micro-skirt. Take your time, taking care to keep your knees together as far as possible, as you get out of the car. You can also pull down the sun shade visor and check your makeup and hair, reach for your handbag, and ensure that you have everything you need.
  • When you are buying something in the department store or supermarket, be patient when waiting in the line at the cashier. Don’t show signs of exasperation if the cashier and the customer are making smalltalk, or if the customer can’t seem to find the right amount of money. Men and women often display their irritation and impatience differently. Better to keep it under control altogether! No aggressive male stance or tut-tutting. Relax and exert a degree of self-control and patience. Besides, it’s a good practice for everyone to be polite to service workers.
  • Now you’ve bought a few new items from the store and feel it’s far too early to ho home. You’ve still got some time and anyway, you still want as many people as possible to see you before you gracefully retire from the public gaze and head back to your car. Why not have a coffee and muffin in one of your favorite little bakery shops? Make sure after you’ve finished your delicious treat to check your makeup. No smudged lipstick, no tell-tale signs of drinking coffee or hot chocolate around your mouth or lips, and no wayward crumbs from your cake or muffin stuck to your lipstick or lip gloss. And definitely no signs of spillage of your drink on your En Femme skirt or top!

It’s so easy to overlook some of these little pointers or tips which have been socialized into genetic women. It’s also too easy to revert to male-type behavior and body language, even though you are wearing a nice dress or skirt.

Achieving the perfect picture is not all about appearance. It’s as much to with mannerisms and observing those micro-details of behavior that genetic women are expected to perform.


  • MARK to Mariah

    Just decided to go over the wall and co-exist with what my inner being has said for decades. The dressing comes natural. What in need is support on others in my area to complete the process. it is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I live in a conservative community…Please help with ant advise offered.

  • Heather

    starting going out more and have an ex transgenered girl who helps with makeup omg first just clubs now resturants now together valentines night what a turn on men offering to bye you drinks lately have been leaving house dressed as my female and dont really care if neighbohors see finally starting to feel free

  • Michelle

    I totally agree. Very important to behave like a woman when out in public if you want to pass as a female. I'm 73, divorced, and always try to behave like a lady when I go out in public to the mall, or to what I call mainstream restaurants. I also dress my age. I've had genetic women give me compliments. Such helps build self-confidence. I belong to a Tri-Ess chapter. They always want to go to a TG friendly restaurant whenever we meet. Some are more passable than I am. It took me time, but I gradually built my confidence up to where I felt comfortable going out in public alone. I still get a bit nervous, sometimes. Fortunately, I've never had a bad moment or situation arise. Just the opposite. I've been out of the closet since 2009.


    helpful still not ready

  • Elon

    I like everything but the last one. About get coffee and a snack. my mother and girlfriend, are in and out people. The only time they are getting a snack is when I'm paying for it.

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