Panties, Bras, and Hosiery: a Crossdresser's Dream Items

crossdresser dressed in pink bra and panties, with stockings and heels

Panties, Bras, and Hosiery: a Crossdresser's Dream Items

No matter how long you have been crossdressing, I’m sure you can remember the first time you wore an item of women’s clothing.

No matter how many times you have crossdressed, I’m sure you still get that amazing, magical feeling when it’s time to start getting dressed and you start looking through your store of En Femme clothing, thinking, contemplating, and anticipating what you are going to wear this time you dress!

Of course, you’ve dressed up hundreds—or maybe even thousands—of times before, but hey, the feelings that start to wash over you and envelop you never ever change. Some dressers will say the more they dress the better it gets, the stronger the feelings, the more they look forward to the next time and the next.

But, like I say, we never forget the first time. Many of us associate the euphoria of starting to crossdress with three items that are essential to starting the journey to effective transformation and that are synonymous with being a crossdresser!

My title has already given it away but, yes, panties, bra and hosiery are perhaps the three most important pieces of clothing for both the novice and experienced crossdresser. After all, where would we be without the basics?

Oh, the joyous feeling of handling and then slipping on a pair of new panties: the feel of the fabric; its texture against your legs and thighs as you pull them up carefully; easing the garment around your nether regions; making sure they fit snugly and making sure they are comfortable; admiring the lower part of your body in the mirror; seeing your new shape in your pink or white or black En Femme panties.

As we all know, panties come in all shapes, colors, fabrics, and sizes. They’re full cut or half cut, briefs or thongs. They might be in nylon or silk, cotton or a synthetic blend. No matter, take time to luxuriate in the feelings of them around your lower areas.

Then there are bras. Wow, what an enticing piece of clothing for all serious crossdressers. The first time you fasten the clasp of a bra, swivel the garment around 180 degrees and pull it up strap by strap onto your shoulders is a memory that will stay etched in your crossdressing memory forever and a day!

Suddenly, you are aware that you have a new upper body shape—and looking in the mirror confirms this. Suddenly, in front of you, you have something which you have never experienced before. Fill out the bra cups (ideally with En Femme breast forms) and see the shape of your new breasts. Enjoy these pleasurable moments.

You have so many choices—underwired, padded, full cup, half cup, strapless, front fastening, or just some simple skimpy, soft satiny material that’s barely enough to cover your new breasts. The sensations course through your whole body as you feel the tightness of the bra strap across your back and feel the shoulder straps take the weight of your breasts.

And finally, hosiery… Mmmm…

Encasing your legs in a set of sheer En Femme stockings or maybe a pair of high quality tights or pantyhose that you have recently purchased is sure to enrapture you in the feeling of femininity you are striving for. The hosiery might be black or white or nude in color. In the case of stockings, they might be self-supporting or held with a dainty, sexy suspender belt with at least two fasteners, one front and back. Or in the event that you prefer to wear tights that pull right up and past your waist, you’ll feel great as you feel their sheerness against your freshly shaven legs—and the nylons brush and swish against your sexy, slinky panties!

Whatever you choose to wear in the hosiery department, you are sure to feel like a million dollars; just look how slim and appealing your legs look when encased in nylon and how the hosiery you are wearing accentuates the outfit that you are now prancing around in.

So, remember, when you have finished getting ready, when you are admiring yourself and your alter ego in the mirror (yet again), be sure to remember how it all started, how your crossdressing all those years ago probably started with you wearing panties, a nice bra, and hosiery.

Just as it did today when you decided to get dressed in your En Femme finery and let your inner woman come out to play!


  • Ezra Jones

    I totally agree with you about the first time…I first tried on my mom’s bra because I developed bigger breasts than any girls in my class…I still remember it… and the way I looked in it… size 38c.. just like my mom…

  • Kate

    It is the greatest feeling the first time you put on a bra. The tightness around the chest and the straps over the shoulders is a feeling of of excitement. During my transition my breasts have grown to a size B and a bra is now essential.

  • Frank

    Hi Kathy – I wanted to say how much I agree with you! There is nothing more exhilarating than the feeling I have in wearing panties, bras & stockings! I just love my en femme panties and stockings and can’t wait to get more! Kisses Frank


    I agree! my journey started when I slipped on my first pair of panties. It was the best feeling in the world. Today the feeling only gets better each Day I slip on a My bra and panties from Enfemme. Slipping on a pair of thigh-high stockings with a garter belt to complement the set is a wonderful addition. I love The feel of the hosiery against my legs especially when I sit down and Cross them sooo wonderful!! Even when I’m dressed in male mode on the outside I’m always in girl mode underneath. Nice chatting.

  • Sally

    I'm just getting started on my journey and I absolutely love wearing a bra. What a great feeling to experience the sensation of a bra around my chest and to feel the straps on my shoulders. I'd love to feel the weight of my breasts hanging down.

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