Me and Him: Two Souls, One Body

Me and Him - crossdress alter ego

Me and Him: Two Souls, One Body

Many of us crossdressers or T people believe that we have two souls within, that we have two distinct inhabitants within our brains fighting for control of our minds.

This is not a new way of thinking. Native American and many of the Polynesian or Pacific Island people have recognized this concept in respect of certain people for thousands of years.

To varying degrees, almost all of us who dress have both male and female characteristics. Maybe they are inbuilt as a result of high levels of estrogen we received before birth, leaving major parts of our brains female, or maybe these characteristics have been continually developed over time—hence our forever present need to crossdress in our En Femme finery!

This idea is a topic I’ve often contemplated as, when the Pink Mist descends or when we are all dressed up and looking and feeling good, almost all of us take on an alter ego. We become someone we are not in our everyday lives; we adopt a persona quite distinct from that which we present to the big, wide world on a daily basis.

In my own case, these differences are so pronounced, my psyche so completely different, that I have come to refer to the situation as me and him—where me is the usually hidden, female part of my personality and psyche (yet the dominant one) and where him is the male face that I have to show on a daily basis to almost all of those who know me!

It’s not delusional. I just happen to have two very distinct souls within me—something I wouldn’t change for the world, mind you.

Let me give you some examples of what I mean.

Money Matters

When I think about him objectively, I know that he is frugal—some might say a little stingy, but I’d opt for frugal. Takes care of the money he has carefully accumulated over the years. Doesn’t really like spending much, just on the bare necessities of life. Will hesitate to buy anything out of the ordinary and likes to check around to make sure the price of anything he’s about to buy is competitive or at least very reasonable.

Me, on the other hand, can easily be seduced into buying things I want—not necessarily need but want. Oops! As with most girls, I think it’s fair to say, there are times when I have bought shoes or a top or a En Femme skirt, only to leave it in the wardrobe for weeks or maybe months after purchase: untouched, unworn, or untried. Even shopping in the supermarket for me or eating out in a restaurant usually results in expenditure greater in one session that it does for him for the whole week. He really does like to keep his wallet in his pocket, but my purse seem forever open!

Clothes and Shoes

Well don’t get me started on to clothes! He is content to wear things until they are about to expire. Tee shirts and trousers usually have to be faded and worn 50 times or more; shoes probably split and unpolished, really on their last legs before he will change them.

Me, on the other hand, has a very, very extensive array of clothes (En Femme dresses, skirts, tops, all shiny and fairly new, all well maintained, washed, and pressed). There are so many clothes, in fact, that when I look at my wardrobe space, I estimate no more than 10-15% of the total wardrobe and storage space I have is occupied by him. The rest is mine—uh oh, something is amiss here!

Demeanor and Overall Behavior

He has always been the one who was on the periphery of things, never quite at the center, not quite the leader, but a good, reliable second-in-command. Sometimes almost seemingly invisible, he might avoid going to gatherings or parties or socializing with others, preferring his own company and doing his own thing.

Me? I think you can guess! Far more gregarious, far more outgoing, I love to see and be seen. I love nothing better than being the center of attention and drawing looks of admiration and compliments (yet without being self-centered, overly vain, or egotistical—really). I just like to be noticed!

So, in summary, we have him: frugal, dressing down, and retiring… And me: loves to buy things (needed or not); always well dressed with a very large wardrobe; outgoing and gregarious.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me all about the key differences you become aware of when you compare your presentation or character difference in everyday life with your alter ego.

Please, whatever you do, don’t tell me it’s only me who has two such distinct personalities within one body!

Looking forward to all of your comments!


  • Quinetta

    I am definitely part of a bi-gendered situation where it is me and him constantly (nicely) battling for time. We have both agreed that we need each other so for the most part we keep our internal confrontations civil ;)

  • Nicole

    You’re not alone. There is Nicole and then there is him. He is also no match for Nicole. She is by far, the dominant one!

  • Kimberly

    My two sides are constantly denying each others existence, but I feel my feminine side is always gaining ground… it gets harder and harder to manage a browser history full of dress and heel shopping…

  • Michelle

    So true about two souls living in one body. Michael shall I say is him he goes to work everyday and provides a good living for us. He only buys something for himself when absolutlety requires it. Michelle does all the spending on her clothes,make up, shoes and has bought many things from En Femme. As I get older Michelle is proving the dominate one. Michael no longer has any say in any matters except for financial dealings. I only have sex with another female when I am Michelle, and the thought of that is wearing off slowly. I have been with other souls like myself and it is fantastic, very satisfying. So to say that I have two souls is a great way of putting it, thanks so much for your articles as they help me more than you know…

  • Marsha

    Yes, I, too, have 2 person w/in me
    Marsha is the dominant one. She is the one that gives me all the Feminine attributes that
    I practice both as man and Woman. My wardrobe(Female) is 2x's size of male. Body/face/hair treatment
    and product all dictated by Marsha, as is daily exercises/workouts.
    Dress as male only for work and 'specific" business.
    Spend much on salons and other Feminine -directed encounters.

    Bravo, Kathe, for your input/honesty.

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