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Hiding Gaffs

The hiding gaff is a specialty compression garment designed for smoothing and flattening your genital area for a realistic, feminine transformation. En Femme has the largest and best variety of hiding gaffs designed to suit your lifestyle. All of our gaffs are customer tested and provide an effective all-day flat & smooth result. Choose from the following categories.

Every crossdresser needs a hiding gaff. They make your transformation complete and complement sexy lingerie or tight fitting dresses and mini skirts. Many of our transgender customers wear a Gaff every day.
Our crossdresser hiding Gaffs are categorized by usage. Comfort smooth gaffs are effective and for every day use, classic smooth for medium flatness and shaping options, and max smooth - for your flattest appearance. En Femme offers the widest selection of gaff panties - designed to match your way of life