Premium Spray Adhesive for Silicone Breast Forms

Premium Spray Adhesive for Silicone Breast Forms


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**100mL can currently available**

Safely and effectively adhere your breast forms using this spray adhesive from Ten Aces Med. Compare to recently discontinued Hollister Spray Adhesive.

  • Specifically designed for use with prosthetics, breast forms, special effects, and cosmetics applications, this skin safe spray provides a secure hold that lasts all day.
  • Bag-on-valve technology which allows for a 360° any angle spray, making it easy to apply in even hard to reach areas. 
  • Two different nozzle heads ("actuators"), targeted and wide fanned, to meet any small or large application needs.
  • Brand: Ten Aces Med

As with any adhesive, please test for sensitivity on skin prior to application of forms.