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My name is Jessica Blackler and I am the Founder of gender free makeup brand, Jecca Blac. We create user friendly, vegan, cruelty free makeup products catering to the needs of all genders, identities and expressions.

I was invited by En Femme to contribute with an article about myself, my company, and my alliance to the transgender community. I hope you enjoy learning a little more about us - and thank you to En Femme for inviting us share our story!

Jecca Blac began with a safe space studio back in Wales, where I come from. My experience as a trained makeup artist working in film and TV provided me with a wealth of experience in completely transforming a makeup wearer’s features. I found this knowledge to be totally transferable in my makeup lessons, where I welcomed clients who were at the very beginning of their makeup journey - and often at the very beginning of their transition, too. I quickly built up a client base of predominantly trans women and those experimenting with their gender expression, which then led to me volunteering and assisting prisoners at a prison to help those who were transitioning inside.

Through making such strong bonds with the trans community, I realized the oversight of the beauty world in not creating products catering specifically to the needs of trans women and those transitioning. I then developed the Correct & Conceal Palette - a simple, 2-step solution to color correcting and concealing beard shadow. While this product can also be used to conceal blemishes, dark under eyes or scarring, I developed it with the needs of my trans clients in mind and to date it still is our best selling product. It also went on to win ‘Best Concealer of 2020’ at the Beauty Bible Awards!

This product was the start of our journey as a makeup brand, and since then we’ve always put the needs of our trans and transitioning customers at the forefront of our product development. Making cosmetics which are accessible to ALL makeup wearers is our goal, and we are constantly striving to educate and create a safe space for those often overlooked by the beauty world. 

Another highlight in our product launches has been the development of our Primer range. A step that can sometimes be overlooked, our Primers cater to a variety of different desired skin finishes. For blurring beard shadow and providing the best base before full coverage face makeup, our Blur & Matte Primer is ideal when followed with beard shadow coverage products, such as our Correct & Conceal Palette. For a dewy, shimmery base, our Glow Drops Primer can also double as a highlight to cheekbones and collarbones. Our Hydrate Primer contains fatty acids and ceramides which are great for replenishing moisture in the skin, providing a silky smooth base that’ll take care of your makeup and maintain your skin’s moisture at the same time.

A recent development at Jecca Blac has been our free makeup advice service. If you’re looking for tips on how to develop your makeup routine, upload a photo of yourself to our Makeup Help page and we’ll get back to you with tailored makeup advice within 24 hours. You can also find a variety of makeup tutorials using our products at En Femme’s YouTube channel.

We’re excited for what the future holds at Jecca Blac, and look forward to embracing any given opportunity to continue to support the transgender community in any way we can! 

Thank you to En Femme for the opportunity to be featured on your platform! We believe everyone should be able to celebrate their uniqueness, and it is amazing to be featured on a platform that shares these values, too!

For more information, head to or follow us on social media - @jeccablac

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  • Rachel (Jason)

    I am having a hard time with make up. Need to get it right before I come out. Don’t know where to look for someone to help

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