How to Choose the Right Wig for your Face Shape

Are you sure you have the appropriate wig style to suit the shape of your face?

It’s almost impossible to find a novice whose first desire is not to buy that long haired, sexily styled wig from En Femme’s collection. Perhaps it’s been a long held dream or fantasy to parade around with long hair, flicking it behind your shoulders, seductively easing it away from your eyes, and generally just enjoying the sensation of feeling and looking like a young woman.

But this look is not for everyone, and sometimes our choice of wigs doesn’t flatter us at all. Depending on your goals, choosing a wig is an important choice for your overall look.  Let's start to talk about considerations when choosing a wig. You might be new to all of this and that's OK, we're here to help start the process of selecting a wig that will complement your face and style. Whether you are someone who is gender non-conforming or not wanting to wait until your hair grows out naturally, a wig is a great way to experiment with different hair styles.

Your skin tone, your natural coloring, plus, importantly, the shape of your face all are factors to be considered. You don’t need me to tell you that men’s faces are quite different than women’s, and while there are 6 or 7 recognized different types of faces, many men tend to have only 2 or 3 of these, mainly square or oblong faces (see more below).

But, as a starter, well before choosing a wig style, do the following to work out what type of face you have; measure the following:

  • Your face across the top of your cheekbones
  • Across your jawline from the widest point to the widest point
  • Across your forehead at the widest point (usually somewhere about halfway between your hairline and eyebrows)
  • From the tip of your hairline to the bottom of your chin

Now have a read of the following and see which face is the most similar to yours, and which wig you should consider to purchase from the En Femme collection - plus, importantly, which wig style you might want to avoid:


Square face type

Square shaped faces are as about as wide as they are long, and have a strong, square jaw line and usually an equally square hairline.

Look for wig styles that add height to the top of your head, as this will elongate the symmetrical square shape, and narrowness at the sides. Off-center parts with height at the crown look great on square shaped faces and short-to-medium length wigs, especially with waves or roundness around the face to soften the angular shape, are also good choices. Wearing a wig with layers and wispy looks around the face is another way to soften your face shape and will achieve a nice balance to your otherwise straight features.

However, avoid long straight styles that accentuate a square jawbone, straight fringes or center partings, or a straight bob ending at the jawline.


Oblong face type Transgender wigs

Oblong faces are longer than they are wide and are often long and slender, about the same width at forehead and just below cheekbones. May people with oblong faces have a very narrow chin or high forehead.

The wig style you choose should add width to your face to help minimize its vertical length. Preferred wig styles are short to medium in length, with longer top layers such as wedges and graduated bob cuts. Those wigs with chin and shoulder length that turn under or flutter out also work very well.

Layered styles in medium and longer lengths, with wavy and curly textures, will flatter the face and neck, whilst obscuring the straight long lines of an oblong face; in addition, straight across bangs, feathered bangs, or half bangs with side parts soften the forehead.

Long haired wigs should be avoided as they will make your face appear even longer.


Diamond Shape face Transgender wig guide

The Diamond shaped face is widest at the cheekbones, with a narrow forehead and jawline each of approximately equal width—in some ways a cross between heart and a dramatic oval shape!

Fortunately for those with this shaped face, it allows for a number of hairstyle options. Ideally, though, diamond shaped faces need a wig styled with fullness or width in the forehead hairline and to the lower cheekbones of the face. Hair should be styled close to the head at the upper cheekbones where the face is broadest. Wig styles that tuck in behind the ears also will work well, especially if you have a good cheek bone structure.

Almost all hairstyles work with a diamond shaped face, so you should experiment. If you have a dramatic diamond shape, leave weight in the back nape area and this will achieve a balance between your cheekbones and relatively delicate chin line.

Wearing a wig with height on top or volume on the sides is to be avoided. While some fringe cover can hide a narrow forehead try not to wear too much hair on your face, thereby hiding your best features.


Heart Shape face Crossdresser Wig face shape guide

People with a heart shaped face have a large and wide forehead, high cheek bones, sometimes a widow's peak hairline, and a narrow “v-shaped” chin. Look for a wig that allows you to bring some hair across your face to soften its width. In addition, keep the hairstyle closer to the head near the eyes and fuller around the jaw.

Where additional width is desired, this can be done below and in front of the earlobes. Longer, layered hairstyles work well and a chin length bob is ideal for this type of face shape as it makes the jaw area appear wider and more balanced.

Styles with too much height at the crown should be avoided otherwise the face will look longer.


Oval face shape crossdresser wig face shape guide

With an oval shaped face the length is, typically, equal to one-and-a-half times the width, is slightly narrower at the jawline than at the temples, and the hairline is often gently rounded.

This type of face is well proportioned and allows for the most versatility in wig choices and, in fact, most wig styles whether short or long, straight or wavy are suitable.

Consider your best features such as your eyes, cheeks, or mouth and then accentuate them with your wig style.

Styles that cover up your "perfect" features such as heavy fringes, or too forward-directed styles should be avoided.


Round face shape wig face shape guide

The round shaped face is as wide as it is long, and full-looking with a round chin and hairline; the widest part of the face is through the cheekbones. Good choices are wigs with a fullness and height at the crown, but not at the ears; off-center partings help reduce the face’s roundness. Wigs with a short, swept-back hair style or with a style longer than chin length should be considered.

To help make your round face shape appear longer and narrower, aim for wigs which have layering at the top to achieve fullness, whilst keeping the rest of the cut relatively close to the face to elongate the round face shape.

It’s best to avoid chin length hair and center partings as these tend to accentuate roundness. Because the widest part of your face is at the cheeks and ears, you need to avoid having the fullness of the cut there, as it will make your face appear wider. Short crops, or straight "chopped" fringes should also be avoided.


Pear face shape trans wig face shape article

The cheekbones and jaw line of a pear shaped essentially broaden to showcase a wider faced look, and the face features a distinctly narrow forehead, with a rounded chin. It’s best to look for wigs that will add volume above the jaw line as layers can create fullness on the upper half of the face.

Hair on the sides of your head and at the nape are best set and combed in a pattern close to the head since any style too voluminous will add weight to the bottom of the face. However, don't be afraid to show your forehead as this will draw attention upward and away from the jaw line. Also, if you have bangs, angle them slightly and tuck them behind the ears to draw attention upward.

The Right Wig For Your Look

It’s relatively easy to work out which shaped face you have and which wig from the En Femme range will suit you the best; if you can’t do this yourself ask a friend for help—or, failing that, try and get advice from a qualified wig vendor or other beauty practitioner. The internet is also a great resource - google your type of face shape and hairstyles that will complement. In any event, getting the right style is essential and will lead to you having that much more confidence in getting out and about—but do remember, find a style that you love and makes you feel wonderful.  It's OK to experiment and try something that truly makes you feel like the beauty you are.


  • Jack

    Hi – I want a pretty look !
    I am tired of being macho and want to express my femme side using both physical femness and behavior femness !
    I am now a bearded lady !

  • Destiny Elizabeth

    I'm a beginner crossdresser and hopefully in the near future become a T-Girl. A question that I currently have is, where do I start to measure for the appropriate wig?

  • zena

    Since I was talked into cutting my hair short I need a wig to bring back my feminine look but not sure which wig style is right for me not knowing what shape my face is an don't want buy wrong kind of wig or waste my money on wrong one/i do plan on regrowing my hair however doesn't hurt to have backup hair piece I do know what color want go with>zena

  • Kelli

    After measuring my face, I am curious as to how those numbers translate into a face shape. Is there "shape chart" like for clothing sizes?

  • Elena

    My face is PEAR and so my wig is no so long, it's similar to the pictures. My colour hair is brown, I'm from Spain and a bloud wig does't match with my skin.

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