How do Body Contour Dresses Create An Instant Hourglass Figure?

How do body contour dresses create an hourglass figure

New Innovative Body Contour Styles Create an Instant Hourglass Illusion for Crossdressers and Trans women

Looking your most feminine may sometimes be challenging as a crossdresser or transitioning trans woman. You may not posess all the feminine curves that create that shapely hourglass figure. To be fair, it is not a problem reserved only for one size girl. You might either be too thin (without enough curves at the hipline and bust) or you could be a bit of a larger girl (lacking the shapely waist that you desire).

Solution 1

For the slimmer girl, you can search for solutions that increase the padding at your hip area such as a padded girdle.

Solution 2

For the more voluptuous girl, you might chose corsets or shapers to slim your waistline.

Solution 3: Instant Hourglass Illusion!

Choose a body contouring dress that creates the illusion of the hourglass figure.


Strategically placed black contour panels hide, shape & smooth your figure from all angles.
RESULT = Instant Curves

Side view dress contour panels

  • For the slimmer girl it creates an instantly slimmer waistline, but more importantly, your hipline looks more rounded and feminine!
  • For the bigger girl the specially sculpted black side panels create the illusion of a waist that is at least 3 - 4 inches smaller! Additionally, the side panels at the hip and legs create the illusion of a size or two smaller at the leg and hip area.

All of our body contour hourglass styles have been carefully and precisely designed to instantly make any figure look slimmer and shapelier. They are an innovative clothing product only available at En Femme. All of our contour styles are made to fit the genetic male form perfectly with longer sleeves, larger armholes and correctly placed waistlines.

If you want a better figure, with little or no work, see what the En Femme Body Contour Collection can do for your life. When you are instantly slimmer and curvier, you’ll feel more confident and feminine.

En Femme's Most Popular Body Contour Dresses

Teddy #2541 Dress #1927

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