Crossdressers Are Very Brave

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Crossdressers Are Very Brave

There are many words used to describe the characteristics of crossdressers.

Some words we like and we recognize those characteristics in ourselves. Some we don’t like as much and avoid using when thinking about why we dress in female attire from En Femme.

Positive adjectives and phrases might include examples such as: elegant, well-dressed, attractive, convincing, or feminine. On the other hand, the more negative connotations may mean that crossdressers can be called crazy, irrational, fetishists, abnormal, and so on…

Yet there’s one word that’s very high in my own personal list of words to describe us: brave. Why brave, you might ask? Isn’t that a word associated with some heroic deed or action, with some display of courage or with overcoming challenges that are presented to you?

Yes, precisely. Any man who, among other things, dons female clothing; uses makeup to beautify himself; adorns himself with accessories such as earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets; squeezes into a pair of high heeled women’s shoes; puts on a feminine-looking wig; or, in short, is a crossdresser who goes out and about, is just that—very, very brave.

Believe me, it takes real courage to do some of the following when you are planning to go out crossdressed in your new dress from En Femme:

  • Opening the door of your home and venturing into the open air, perhaps heading for your car— your senses tingling and stomach churning, as you keep a careful look out for neighbors, friend, or anyone else who might be around and observing an unknown woman leaving your abode
  • Getting into your car and driving, either to a planned destination or just around and about, enjoying the sensations of being out crossdressed and hoping you won’t have an accident or do a misdemeanor that brings you to the attention of a policeman
  • Getting out of your car and walking crossdressed into a public area, perhaps with legs shaking, arms tingling, and your whole body on high alert for any signs of danger that may be directed your way by another person who simply, without valid reason, takes a dislike to what you are doing
  • Riding public transport amid throngs of other people, some in close proximity, on the subway, bus, or—for those really brave souls—an airplane
  • Walking the gauntlet when out alone heading somewhere, after you have parked your car and are heading to your destination and you see a group comprised of mainly male strangers up ahead; do you turn around and quietly slip back to your car, postponing or cancelling your rendezvous? Or do you act as naturally as you can, body trembling, head whirring, and trying to keep your poise and feminine demeanor as you walk past them?
  • In the cold light of day, if you sit down for a few moments and think of all of the risks attached to some of the aforementioned acts, you may well cause yourself great consternation.

    Not surprising really, as some of the risks for crossdressers—such as being read or recognized by others in your neighborhood or those close to you, or being involved in some incident involving an authority figure—can lead to consequences such as your family and relatives finding out about your crossdressing or your employer or colleagues learning of your regular needs to dress as a woman. If you are caught drunk driving or have a minor crash, you could end up going to the police station—or maybe hospital—for processing while en femme.

    Of course, in defense of your decision to take such risks, when you are all dressed up and have been waiting for this moment for days, weeks, or even months, all thoughts of any risks simply evaporate and almost all crossdressers are living for that euphoric period of their lives when the so-called pink mist descends. At such time, no other thoughts enter the crossdresser’s head except getting out of the door and into public. Nothing else at all matters!

    So don’t tell me crossdressers aren’t brave. It may not seem much to those who don’t crossdress but, believe me, it also takes courage and resilience to put ourselves through what we put ourselves through!

    Yet, even if we could, most of us wouldn’t change our need to crossdress in our En Femme finery for the world.


  • Lynn

    Could not agree more. I've flown planes but that was 20 years ago and when I could pass easily and before current security. Sadily I feel my Best CD days are over with but yearning for one last splash. Love your articles. Being brave is not being afraid to take the next step. Practice first. A lot. Especially makeup. Get some help. Voice was my biggest issue. My voice was too deep. I had the rest. But dressing in style and for the occasion is the key. So sad many don't dress up for church anymore. That was my favorite time. Going to 2-3 services on Sunday. So spiritual and feeling so fulfilled. Capped off with a little shopping afterwards. God bless you folks. So wonderful to have a source like this. Merry Christmas to all in CD land. Lynn

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