Wig Color Gallery

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Welcome to the En Femme Wig Color Gallery! If you are seeking specific colors, this tool will help you to find wigs available in the colors you desire. We know that choosing the right color wig is important whether you want to look passable and natural or bold and loud. This gallery should help you find the right color for you no matter what your fashion needs are. Clicking a color swatch will take you to a page of wigs that are available in that color. Please be advised that the colors shown here are a very close approximation, but the actual wig color may vary depending on the screen or device you are viewing them on.

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How To Find Your Wig Color

  • Check or uncheck filters to narrow your search
  • Feel free to rearrange the colors - simply drag and drop the swatches by the white bottom section
  • You can hide colors to narrow your choices. Hover over swatches to see the Hide Box
  • Once you narrow your choices, click on each swatch to see the available wigs in that color!
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