Lingerie and Panties For Men

En Femme is revolutionizing the Lingerie and intimate garment industry for the crossdressing male. Many other online crossdressing stores sell lingerie to men, however, they are simply providing women’s lingerie styles - Beware.The styles THEY sell will be way too short, too tight and not fit correctly in the crotch area for the male crossdresser.

At En Femme , each Lingerie, bra , panty and hiding gaff style is designed with the specifications of the crossdresser and transvestite in mind. Each design is tested on male fit models before it is approved for production and manufacturing. When you receive one of our crossdressing lingerie, bra or gaff styles, you are assured that it will fit the length of your torso and fit well in your crotch area. En Femme integrates pocket bra designs into the bra cups of virtually all of our lingerie and bra styles. This means that each bra cup has a soft backing of fabric that is sewn in to hold whatever type of padding or breast forms that you may have.

We integrate special satin breast compartments in many of our crossdressing lingerie styles … So the exciting part of wearing our bras and teddies is adding our special realistic silicone breast forms. You will look just like you have real breasts. We strive to provide you with the most realistic look and feel in our products so that your experience is comfortable as well as unforgettable.

Our newest addition to our specialized Crossdressing Lingerie and panty collections are our long line , underbust style Corsets. Slimming the waist has always been a top priority for the crossdressing male, and En Femme has customer created and designed corsets that measure 11 inch and 12 inch in length. This is the correct length to fit the male crossdresser. Our corsets feature steel boning for better support and heavy duty lacing and grommets in the back to cinch your waist to your fantasy measurement.

We are always adding new and exciting crossdressing lingerie, panties for men, sexy feminine hiding gaffs and new pocketbra styles each season, so be sure to check our What's New Section and if you are looking to find a great buy on some discontinued styles, then head over to our Clearance Section to pick up a Custom designed intimate garment at a great price.

We always hope that our customers will appreciate the time and effort that goes into planning and executing all of our special crossdressing lingerie styles and enjoy the fantastic fit.

Be Stylish, Be Sexy, and Trust En Femme to Look Your Best.

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