Simply The Best Hiding and Tucking Gaffs for Crossdressing

En Femme Simply makes the BEST gaff for cross dressers. You may see the gaff referred to in crossdressing forums as a tucking gaff, panty gaff, and maybe even a penis gaff has been developing and refining our hiding gaff for cross dressers for almost 20 years. We make a quality style panty gaff that is stronger than any of our other competitors. We have had many of our customers quality test our tucking gaffs, and they have helped us refine the style and function of our penis gaffs. When you buy a Gaff from En Femme, you are assured that it will work and also look fabulous!

The Gaff is used to smooth our the front crotch area. Our special hiding gaff does not have any special extra gadgets or pockets for the penis - we have tried other products like this and they are not strong and the pocket is a novelty that makes the gaff design less effective. Our gaff is made in a thong style design. The wider part is made to be worn in the front. With a little aid from our special tucking instructions that come with each panty gaff, you can achieve a realistically smooth front crotch area that will STAY flat for hours at a time.

As a note: Getting an erection when you are wearing the gaff can be very uncomfortable.

En Femme Carries the widest selection of fabrics, colors and styles in Gaffs available anywhere so be sure to check our Selection to find the perfect complimentary style for you!

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