Diamond Shape Corset - Black

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Diamond Shape Corset - Black

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  • Diamond Shape Corset - Black
Creates the perfect shape! Made specifically for men! Our corset designs fit you correctly around the rib cage without any gaping or unflattering fit. Compare to the lower priced competitors products and you will understand the difference of wearing a well designed corset that is fitted to the body! 14 inches in length. Soft smooth satin outside and strong cotton broadcloth inside for extra strength. Steel boning is used for strength. Sizes: 26 through 38 Color: Black DISCONTINUED STYLE... SELLING OUT LAST INVENTORY PIECES *Remember to order 4 inches smaller than your normal waist size* CAUTION: We have ordered and tested the $79 to $99 corsets you may see advertised from our competitors. These corsets do NOT fit well because the top of the corset cannot be cinched so you look like you are wearing a "Styrofoam coffee cup" and it is not smooth under clothing at all. Our corsets are smooth and tight at the top..correctly designed ! If you want a correct fit then purchase our correct design. See the video featuring our gorgeous models Angelina and Lauren in our newest styles! For more information about our Special Crossdressing Clothing Styles Click here To View our Special Presentation About How We Design and Make our Crossdressing Clothing, Lingerie and Accessories - Click here>

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