Transgender Voice Training. A En Femme Podcast Series

How Do I Feminize My Voice?

Many transgender girls reach an impasse on their transformation journey when it comes to talking like a woman. Join us in this two part podcast series where we explore what it means to sound feminine and discuss the techniques used to develop a ladylike tone.

Transgender Voice Training Part 1

Transgender Voice Training Part 2

Voice Feminization Course

Kathe Perez

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  • zena

    That voice training video didn't do me anygood she didn't really show or demanonstrat how to change your voice from male to female plus video was too short and went to fast not giving enough time to learn anything from her just a waste of time for me}zena

  • Rhonda Sheer

    I've taken this course and now speak very well. Of course I constantly practice with my trusty tape recorder in hand and have perfected my female speech ! Whenever I make a phone call, 100% of the time, I'm referred to as "Ma'am"……..Thanks Kathe !!!!!

  • Destiny Elizabeth

    Excellent training podcast, can't wait to get the second podcast then try the thirty day crash course.

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