Makeup Meltdown – How To Avoid Running Makeup

Crossdress Makeup Tips

Makeup Meltdown - Hot Weather Advice About Makeup Application for Crossdressers

Summer time can be a mixed bag for many. The chance to cultivate a nice healthy overall glow is certainly a big plus for most complexions. However, if you live in an area of high summer temperature and/or even worse humidity, then makeup application can be an issue. Or rather, keeping makeup from sliding off the face can be an issue.

Cis girls have always had to contend with the makeup issue. Crossdressers are not any different. While a young cis girl with flawless skin maybe able to get away with a much lighter makeup application and use of sheer shades of foundation, this is not so simple for the trans woman or crossdresser.

Easy Preparation

There are certain elements of dressing and makeup application you can control to enhance the staying ability of your finished makeup and there are certainly products that are more summer makeover friendly that you should consider. Make sure you:

  • Cool your products before application if they are stored above room temperature (think room with no air conditioning)
  • Lower your body temperature prior to makeup application
  • Ensure you have the right products for preparation, application and maintenance of the finished makeup application

What are the key steps to take to ensure your molten makeup doesn’t slide off your face during the warmer months of the year?

Cool & Easy Steps

Follow these simple tips and you’ll keep your makeover in place for much longer whilst those around you may start to melt!

  • Chill your body temperature before starting your makeup application. Sounds simple but how many girls go straight from the hot shower to dressing and makeup application? Ensure your house/apartment boudoir is at a nice ambient temperature and then ensure you shower in a lukewarm temperature and if you can stand it turn the temperature down gradually to cold for the last few minutes. Pat yourself dry and begin your dressing and makeup routine.
  • Organization. Ensure you have all your clothes and makeup laid out in the order you wish to use it before you bathe/shower so you go straight from a cool shower into dressing and application.
  • Primer or Concealer. Smooth on a light layer of primer/concealer which helps to keep moisture off the surface of the face. When you apply your foundation on top of the primer you will achieve a more seamless look and your makeup will stay in place much longer, even when you start to perspire.
  • Waterproof Eye Makeup. Use waterproof eyeliner and mascara to counteract the effect of sweat on your eyes that you will minimize smudging. Waterproof eye makeup is harder to remove, but is well worth it in hot weather.
  • Keep your makeup supplies chilled. Hot temperatures will degrade your makeup products and lead to a shorter life. If too soft they cannot be applied properly. If you find they are becoming too soft in the heat of the day, stick them in a zip-lock bag in the fridge for 30 minutes or so to bring them back to a regular room temperature.
  • Powder with anti-perspirant face powder after the foundation stage. This helps to set everything so use liberally. BUT do not keep going back to the powder once you are made up if you feel yourself sweating as the powder will cake upon contact with perspiration and that’s a dead giveaway.
  • Use tissues for beads of perspiration. When you eventually begin to perspire in the hot summer temperatures simply use quality tissues to blot away the moisture without wiping away your makeup. It’s very important you blot lightly rather than wipe. If you blot, the makeup will sty in place.
  • Lip Pencil. Don’t be afraid to continue to use bright vibrant lipsticks just because it’s summer, but even more important than ever is the use of a good quality lip pencil to stop the lipstick from running. Use a pink/brown color that’s close to your natural lip shade for the best results.
  • Setting Spray. The extra optional step is the use of a Setting Spray that is used at the end of the application and helps to set and lock the makeover in place.

Stay Cool & Look Hot

There you have it, nine simple tips to help keep your makeup in place for longer time periods during those steamy hot summer months. So keep your cool and help your femme face stay put. And even when you do start to sweat a little bit, be sure to have good supplies of tissue paper for those trips to the ladies room where you can blot those nasty beads of perspiration.

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