Wearing Panties - Fun, Sexy and Exciting!

 crossdressing in women's panties

Wearing Panties - Fun, Sexy and Exciting!

Men’s underwear to me was always ugly and bland and in many instances did not hold what is needed to be held comfortably in the right position. Women’s panties are much different, ranging from the basic cotton style to silky, sheer, thongs and bikinis, just to name a few. I have come to find that having an assortment of styles is perfect for my lifestyle. Today, there is a wide variety of men’s underwear, but there’s something about women’s panties that I prefer.

For me, wearing women’s panties is a choice and not sexual but for others it may be, and that’s OK too. As a long-time crossdresser, I have always worn women’s undergarments when dressed en femme. It’s like wearing a bra - an essential part of a wardrobe. But I never thought I would be regularly wearing panties and can only thank a dear friend for convincing me to “take the challenge” and make the change.

It all started a few years ago in a Seattle area motel room. My CD friend met me for an evening out for dinner, dancing and fun with some of the local girls. Being a conservative dresser, I had usually worn the regular cotton undies when dressed, but that night was different. My friend brought me a gift, a pair of light blue bikini panties.

“Try them on,” she said as we were dressing. “I brought a pair for all the girls tonight.”

As my friend and I were getting ready, I noticed he was wearing a similar pair. I was still in my boxers.

“Get rid of those,” she insisted. So, I threw them in the closet.

Hesitantly, I tried on the bikini panties. They fit perfectly and felt so good against my skin. The more I wore them, the more I liked them. I felt more comfortable wearing the feminine style and everything was compact and not hanging where it should not be hanging.

The following day, I went en femme to the lingerie department at a mall big box store and picked up another six pair of panties in different styles and colors. I could not believe the assortment available to women.

I now have various panties in different styles depending on what I’m interested in wearing or the type of outfit I have on. I always have on hand bikinis, cotton and sheer briefs and one very special bra and thong to wear depending on my mood and style. En Femme offers panties as well as hiding gaffs, specialty garments that are like panties, but are designed to create a flat front for those outfits that require the smoothest appearance.

I try to rotate which style I’ll wear depending on my attire and depending on the weather. If it is cold, I will wear my cotton briefs; if it is warm or during the summer months, I’ll probably wear my bikinis under my short pants, and if I wish to feel a little adventurous, I may wear my silky semi-bikini briefs. I usually save my thong for “ladies night” to complement with my pantyhose, thigh highs or gartered hose.

My male underwear now languishes in my bedroom dresser to be worn on very rare occasions!


  • spoozo

    I wore stockings and garters under my business wear every day for decades. I usually wore a WIDE six strap garterbelt with the rear straps well to the back for good stocking support, and light beige or nude stockings with normal men's socks over them. I loved the gentle thigh massage from my stockings and slight movement of the straps as I moved about. On occasion, I also wore thigh highs which could be pulled up all the way to my crotch. Sometimes, I also wore a six short strap garterbelt with the rear straps well back; the garters could be fastened just below the welts by gathering the welts inside the garter clasps and fastening the clasps just below the welts. Now retired, I 'm even more into it. Layering has become such fun. Right now, is black Nationwide stockings which come a little short but are tightly fastened with twelve strap belt. Over that, I'm wearing really slick fancy welt stockings also fastened with a twelve strap belt. The variations are endless. I've actally layered six pairs of stockings with six belts and a total of forty garters. It all feels so so good.

  • Brianna

    Hi ladies, I wear panties every day. NO boxers in this girls lingerie drawers. I prefer to wear a gaff on a regular basis. I usually purchase my panties in size smaller because I like the extra compression feel and I feel flatter and more confident that way. Over the years I’ve purchased just about every type of panties. Recently I discovered Enfemme style they have a large selection of gaffs And panties. One of my favorites is the Carmen liu line they are absolutely gorgeous they have bra and panty sets which Are sooo sexy! I am hooked on panties and can’t go back!

  • Tobi

    Hi gurls always wear panties. They make me more complete and I love the way they feel and look

  • Cinamon

    I am a soft sensual domme. I have been assisting crossdressers with makeup, lingerie, clothing, shoes, and deportment for twenty years. It is so nice to find a place I can recommend for all things girly to wear!

  • don

    I've always worn panties especially at the risk of getting caught. I have even worn them on occasion to high school under regular clothes of course. Back then i liked bikini style but as i become older i prefer wearing brief style and vanity fair makes great panties. Yes I like V.S. panties but i cant keep them up. For comfort i go with briefs. I wear them to work. One other thing i like about Vanity Fair is for the most part they seem long lasting and hold up. I would say i have a medium size waist and if you are looking for suggestion try a size 6. and you can either go up or down in size depending on how those feel.

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