Have You Crossdressed at the Mall Lately?

Crossdressed at the Mall

You and Your Mini Skirt & Heels at the Mall

I think we’ve all had this sort of experience.

Either: you’ve been waiting all week (or longer) for enough time to slip into your En Femme finery: panties, bra, breast forms; tight fitting slinky top, micro skirt and high heels—maybe a relatively conservative 4” as you are saving your 6” heels for another occasion… and now you are just about ready… and looking good…

Or, alternatively: you received a new package from En Femme just a few days ago and can hardly wait to get it open and examine the lovely, new contents. Now the day/time you’ve been waiting for has arrived and the package is pulled from its hiding place and laid out on your bed. You’ve got your bra and panties on, maybe started on your make-up and wig, but keep looking longingly at the package. You know what’s inside, but want to savour the exhilarating moments leading up to discovering your new micro skirt and high heels; you want to wait until everything else is almost ready before ripping open the parcel, admiring then trying on your new clothing—oh joy, oh heaven!

In both cases, as soon as you are ready, you happily prance around your living room/bedroom; looking admiringly in the mirror at the real you—not looking once but twice, three times…, ten times or more! Looking at this beauty with the long longs accentuated by her, let’s say black, micro skirt and heels that look so high you feel 7 foot tall!

The Mini skirt is close to the top of your thighs, beautifully showing off your slim legs, but suitably below your panty line so as not to display too much! It shows almost every contour of your posterior; and it’s a good job you used a En Femme exclusive gaff to hide the, er…, package to the front…

The winning combination of the heels and the micro skirt, plus your slinky top, make you feel and look great. Three more times tottering around the room on your heels; six more looks in the mirror; nine more minutes of contemplation…

Thinking: my hair is great, my make-up wonderful. Hmm… well, I might look just a little too much as if I’m on my way to or from a nightclub…, but what the hell!

But you know you only have limited time before your precious, precious session of cross-dressing comes to an end; before you have to start to pack away your fem things for next time. You know that you will need to be changing back by around 9.30pm…

Thinking some more: so, what can I do for the next two or so hours? I’ve enough photos to fill a hundred books; and this outfit is just so great I don’t want to change it for another one. Hmm.., can’t stay in, just can’t…

You take another long admiring look at yourself in the mirror. Smooth down a small crease in your micro skirt and pick off some imaginary fluff from the garment. Stand on one leg, balancing on your left foot, again appreciating the shape of your high heels—the way the straps curl around your ankle; the way the heels thrust forward your hips and pelvis; you are subconsciously accentuating your bust line. Wonderful!

You can’t stop the thoughts: Well, I’ve been out before; in fact I’ve been out dressed more than a dozen times. A big pause and a deep breath. Tch…, why not give it a go tonight? Just a quick drive around, driving extra carefully in my high heels. Just around the block a few times; maybe stay out for half an hour…then back. Won’t get out of the car. Not in this outfit!

Just over twenty minutes later and twice around the block had become three times. You were starting the fourth time before turning towards home, definitely with good intentions, when a little gremlin whispered in your ear. It suggested you might take an alternative route: why not drive towards the shopping centre? Just have a quick look in the car park, see if it’s busy and then drive home afterwards. It won’t take long.

And, as you usually did when the gremlin whispered in your ear, you obeyed; feeling the wonderful sensations of wearing a tight En Femme black micro skirt and tall, tall heels still as strongly as when you first put them on an hour or so ago.

The shopping centre lot was not too busy; time was moving on. A few late night shoppers. You circled the car park twice and turned to head home… finally. Then suddenly remembered that you were out of toothpaste or razors or short on butter or bread. Well…, not exactly out of them or short of them… but thinking: it would be good to top them up in case there was an extra need for any of the aforementioned items tomorrow; just in case.

Actually, the excuse you made to stop and get out of your car doesn’t really matter. You could have made anything up, anything at all to convince yourself that you just had to have the item that you just thought of. You had to lock your car and stroll nonchalantly in your micro skirt and high heels towards the welcoming light of the main doors of the supermarket within the shopping centre.

Well gone were any concerns; well gone were any worries. You most willingly let the Pink Mist envelop you—and strutted in your micro skirt and high heels down the emptying corridors of the shopping centre. Oblivious to any stares and curious glance or comments.

You were happy… no, you were close to being delirious. You were harming no-one. You were content.

Who cares?

And that’s how you ended up in the shopping centre in your mini skirt and 4” high heels (again!).



  • Veronica Raines

    Going to the mall, was a special experience for me. I was dressed in a beautiful white blouse, and pink skirt that fits me four inches above the knees. All these were obtained from En Femme, so I new I looked good, and confident. Under my clothes was my D cup breastplate, and pink panties. Before leaving my apartment, I walked around getting comfortable in my black three inch heals. After an hour or so, checking myself in several mirrors, making sure everything was in place, I went out the door, got into my bright red Honda Civic and drove to the mall. Arriving, and sitting in my car for half an hour, out I went. Standing beside my car, I checked my skirt, and made sure it was perfect, then walked the twenty yards or so, with a thousand butterflies fluttering throughout my body, I was the front door of the mall. Just as I was about to reach for the door to open it, a voice behind my said, "Excuse my ma'am, let me get that for you." I know you girls that has had that happen felt absolutely fantastic, when this has happened to you, and so have I. But, this time when I said thank you, and looked at him, I felt exactly like I felt after my first kiss. It was as if I was walking on air. I mean, he was absolutely, for me at that instant, the most handsomest man I have ever seen. Don't ask me what I did or bought that day in the mall, because it wasn't until I arrived at home, that I did myself.


  • Sherry

    I have no problems going to a mall dressed. I’m guessing I pass since most of the time I’m “Mamed” when addressed. I’ve been asked, by men, on multiple occasions at our local C&W bar to dance. Once in a while I’ll be nice and happy to go out and indulge.

  • Sherry

    I’m of the firm belief that mini skirts and slutty dresses (aka street girls) are what most people associate with cross-dressers. I’m trans. I wear age appropriate garments and dress to please myself. Because of this I typically blend in and am often considered to be a woman. My church accepts me, where I work has accepted me and most places I go don’t question me. The problems associated with cross-dressing are created by those who over do it: Over the top make-up, slutty outfits, I’ll-fitting clothes. Please, if you want acceptance, look around at women in your area and dress as they do. If you want to be frilly or dress up scale, do so with class. Once you realize that class and not overly doing it is the way to go, you’re going to not stand out and will be accepted for who you are. Be polite, be yourself and don’t try to fool yourself or others. A true woman doesn’t fake it.

  • Dave

    My goal is to become passable enough to go to the local Mall and go shopping "En Femme". I want to go into Victoria Secret and buy some sexy lingerie and let the salesgirl know that it's for me (and that I'm a CD). I also need to buy more shoes and can't wait to shop at the local shoe store.

  • gail

    I rarely go to the Mall anymore.
    In the past, at times, it was a cross dressing event.
    Sometimes fully en femme, sometimes just partially dressed.
    Some of my favorite partial jaunts was to very lightly apply makeup, some blush, mascara, eye liner, and the hint of lipstick.
    My outfit consisted of tight fitting unisexual pants, or shorts (shaved great looking legs), ambiguous shoes or sandals, a feminine looking top with just the hint of what could be cleavage, short hair gelled in again an unisexual style.
    I would spend my time practicing my feminine walk, think John Wayne, and if I felt particularly sexy, feeling sexy gave me great confidence, I would treat myself to a special en femme gift. Usually lingerie of some sort.
    Great fun, especially if as happened on a couple of occasions, always when dressed in shorts, someone would address me as ma'am or miss, or hold the door for me.
    Even years later I can still feel this sense of overwhelming pleasure that would well up inside of me. it seemed to resonate through my whole body.
    It had an element of sex, I swear my nipples ould get hard, but even more it generated a sense of deep contentment, and what I can only describe as pure bliss.
    i loved The Mall.

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