How to Walk in High Heels

High heels - a balancing act?

Rather like choosing breast forms and trying to resist the temptation to purchase a seriously large “set” of forms, most girls often feel that they should buy that “killer’’ pair of 4 inch heels to make themselves look more feminine. All well and good, and En Femme offers a wide range of shoes for all tastes.

Yet, before giving in to temptation (and, wow…, what a temptation!), stop and consider a couple of things:

  • Where am I actually going to wear these magnificent heels?
  • How am I, in reality, going to walk (very far) in them?

If you are content to prance around your home or other safe place in back-strapped 4 inch heels, corset or bodice and black suspender belt that's perfectly understandable - after all, a girl needs some private fun, doesn't she?

But if you are planning to go out and about, maybe hitting the town in a short mini, showing off your sexy legs, it’s worth taking some time to practice, practice and practice again walking around in your (very) high heels. As most girls know, fundamentally, high heels are to push the pelvis forward and make real ladies look that much more sexier—both in their walk and their posture.

In any event, you don’t need me to tell you that men walk differently from women and that even women assigned female at birth have to practice how to elegantly walk more than few meters in high heels!

So, where do you start?

Well, I always think it’s worth spending some minutes practicing walking like a woman in flat shoes or barefoot first: you know, keep your steps smaller, keep your feet closer together as you pace, almost letting your feet cross over each other as you move forward. Another tip for beginners is to suck your stomach in and fractionally delay the forward movement of one of your legs as you walk; this gives a mild sway to your walk—but avoid over exaggerating the wiggles of your hips (if you have any of note, that is)…

Phew! Sounds difficult… well, it’s not and, after a few times walking like a female, it all becomes second nature.

Now, try the above wearing your heels—see it’s easy, right? In fact these shoes simply add another dimension to the way you walk, adding just that little extra wiggle to your hips and posterior, making you look and feel sexy in your newly purchased pair of En Femme heels!

After the first few slow paces, you’ll find balancing is not really a major issue in your 4” heels but you, clearly, need to watch out for stairs, crevices, steep slopes or other obstructions in the surface you are walking on… and, of course, try and avoid the natural temptation to still walk like a man! Undoubtedly, the forward tilt which the shoes will give to your pelvis will have to compensated for, and there will be a fair amount of pressure of the front of your feet, plus, of course, some aches or pain in the lower part of your calf muscles to contend with—but, hey, what’s a little bit of discomfort compared to looking like the proverbial “million dollars”?

Anyway, you’ll soon get the hang of walking in high heels and after a few times out and about you’ll be quite an expert; you’ll find your own style and walking rhythm—but, even so, don’t plan on walking more than a few hundred meters in your high heels if you can help it, as it can be hard work!

There again, maybe just hire a chauffeur for the night to ferry you around and drop you outside of your destination… nice thought…


  • RYAN

    I started out wearing a 3 inch heel. Then worked up to a 5 inch heel. Know all I wear are 4 and 5 inch heels just love them.

  • Erica

    Good tips. I have seen many great pairs of legs on both t and gg women ruined because they walked like a man. I have found that walking like a cat…putting each step directly in front of the other makes your walk look very feminine and elongates your legs as you walk. As far as heels are concerned, I always use high heels but with a platform. This way you get the height and look but the slope of your feet is not as steep. This makes it much more comfortable especially if you are out for a long time.

  • Elena

    My story is very shameful. Yesterday in the dawn, I go out wearing female clothes and suddenly I collapsed down. I didn't pay attention and so I went on walking. Everything was developed well. Nobody hadn't realized that it was a man. Returned to house and when I go to the bathroom I saw a small inflammation in my right foot. However I did my ordinary activities until I decided to go to Hospital where a doctor in emergency service told I'd just twisted my ankle but it'll cure in a only fortnight.
    I have to be the ten first day taking care, but it's no serious.
    I'll try to be more careful next time. After I have been recovered the health, I will do it again because it's very exciting.

  • Michael L

    So true most of don't trip over your own feet while walking ,just relax an walk most important as I've learned get the feel of high heels as well not all are alike different heels may possibly give a different walk do to how high or how low

  • Don Ellefson

    thank you for the advise it helps a lot

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