Hot Weather, No Sweat

Hot Weather, No Sweat

Hot Weather, No Sweat

Spring is here and summer is around the corner. The weather is getting hot and it’s often unbearable for the girls in many parts of the country.

Summer is the time for smooth-shaven legs too, but don’t put away your nylons or pantyhose too fast. Why? There is a definite use for them when it comes to staying cool.

For me, living in the hot part of the United States, the past few summers have not been fun when it comes to being dressed and out-and-about any time before 10 PM. My breast forms often become uncomfortable due to perspiration when the temperature hits 90 or more. Yes, good old sweat. It’s no fun wearing a wet bra, due to the contact between the forms and bare skin. I’ve tried powders, antiperspirant, and paper towels to limit the flow, but nothing has worked. What was a girl to do?

I found help in the form of my hosiery collection and a En Femme pocket bra or pocket dress.

For years, I have always saved my hose whenever a pair gets a runner. I cut off the leg with the runner and save the panty and other leg for what I call “double duty,” when I will wear two pair of hose with one good leg each. (It’s just another way for a girl to save money too so I can spend more on the fabulous En Femme fashions).

For the summer months, I use the “double duty” hose as breast inserts. I usually use two pair per side, which combined with a good, enhancing push-up bra, will still produce lovely breasts and—if desired—excellent cleavage.

I fold and roll the half hose from the panty to the toe to create a 4-inch wide form. I prefer lighter or nude colored hose as it will blend with a crème bra and my skin type. Once the four hose are rolled, be sure your bra straps and back support are as tight as possible. Slide each form in to place inside your bra so the cup is firmly packed. Pull your natural male breast skin up and over the hose and, voila! You should have nicely formed breasts.

My En Femme pocket bra and pocket dress also have been life savers in hot weather. The bra and the dress come with pocket inserts for either my forms or the hosiery. Either way, the pockets, when filled and adjusted to fit your breast area, look great, feel natural, and give a bounce to your step.


  • Tracy

    Love this idea! Since temps are rising here in California, all those types of ideas are welcomed!

    Thank you!

    Tracy Leigh

  • Elena

    The weather in Spain is sunny and hot but I can get by it. Alright, the sweat spoils the makeup and we have to be ready for every kind of disavantages due to the heat. Particularly, the Gay Pride celebartion, that is usually in July. Worst of all, the wig is very uncofortable but I've got a solution: My head is covered by a turban and a hat during the morning and, in the night I wear the wig. In the morning I wear sandals, T-shirt and shorts. My face is made up with only a base foundation. At last, the night comes and I wear my best dress, with my high-heels peep-toes, jewery, dark tights and my party makeup that is sophisticated and should last all night long. Dancing and drinking it takes me so fast
    My best regards from Spain

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