Helpful Tips for lip and Eye makeup for Crossdressers

Make-up tips to make you… even more beautiful

Crossdressing Makeup

Of course, make-up is personal to every T-girl and we each have our own way, our own style of application. But, just stop and think a moment—what’s the first thing most people do when they meet you for the first time? Easy… they look at your face, they look into your eyes.

You know the old saying: “Eyes are the windows to the soul”? Well, in the case of T-girls, it’s more like, “Great eye and face make-up is the key to a convincing presentation!”

So, to help you on your way, we’ve put together a series of tips and suggestions to try to help you look your very best in your En Femme clothes and accessories:

  1. Perhaps one of the most important, general, rules is to always wear make-up appropriate for the time of day; in other words, don’t wear false eyelashes and heavy mascara to the supermarket or when otherwise out and about in the middle of the day.

    Even at night time, unless you are going to a party or T-girl function, do try keep your make-up toned down and natural looking, no bright red cheeks with excessive blusher, no vivid eye-shadow which conflicts grossly with your outfit.

  2. Especially for those slightly older T-girls who are, unfortunately, suffering some of the effects of age around their mouth area with lines and sagging skin, buy some medical tape from your local chemist (usually in rolls of either 12mm or 25mm wide) and use this to tape up and pull back the affected areas—in essence an instant face lift.

    You may need to use two, three or four pieces of tape of say 50mm to 100mm in length; place one end of a piece adjacent to one of your ears and the other end up alongside your hairline and up and over your hair; some T-girls wear a hairnet before putting on their wig to better facilitate this tape not getting embroiled in their hair. With a little practice you’ll find the best way to do this—and often the results are really great. You can also lift your eyes brows with the same methodology, starting the tape somewhere around the center point of your brows—but do make sure that the tape is well hidden when you have your wig on. Some girls prefer to cover the tape with liquid foundation or concealer to hide it as best they can.

  3. As most of us know the hairs on your top lip, even when shaven as close as possible still, frustratingly, sometimes exert a bluish tinge through your carefully applied make-up. Depending upon the liquid foundation and concealer that you are using, first take an old red or orange lipstick and cover your upper lip with the colour in question; blend in and do it again. A professional alternative is applying En Femme Beard Shadow Cover – a time tested proven beard shadow concealer. Then, apply your foundation and concealer. These colours tend to neutralize the bluish hue and, if applied properly, can eliminate that unpleasant dark shadow that plagues us all!

  4. Most girls seem to use a black eyebrow pencil to highlight their eye brows, even if they are wearing a brown or blond wig. Try a brown colour as this can give the eyebrows a more natural look; you can also, gently dab in some black (a dual eyebrow pencil with two colours in one ie black one end, brown the other is ideal for this); be sure to blend the colour you use into your eyebrow with the small brush often fixed to the eyebrow pencil lid; alternatively ,use some brown eye shadow powder instead of a pencil as, often, powders offer darker shades of brown.

  5. Before choosing the main colour for your eye shadow, have regard to what you will be wearing; try to match some colour from your skirt or dress with your eye shadow—but at all costs try to work out which colours simply do not suit you or your colouring, or clash with your clothes ie don’t use green eye shadow with, say, an orange top.

    Experiment with colours, try to use one or two or even three on your eye lids, blending them in different areas and quantities—you’ll be amazed at how small, subtle changes make a big difference.

  6. In addition to using eyeliner and mascara, sometimes run the main colour of your eye shadow under the lids your eyes for a few millimeters; this can really enhance the look of your eyes, giving them sultry, sexy look.

    To be honest, even many GG’s are still not masters (or should that be mistresses?) of make-up and, unless you have had professional lessons, successful application and presentation is most of the time just trial and error—but what a wonderful feeling once you know you have got it just right! As I said at the beginning, don’t forget how important good make-up technique really is.


  • Elena

    Thanks for the article and the comment. I'll follow these pieces of advise. Honesty, I use to cover my beard over the lip a red old lipstick and it works well. The same to the eye brows, I use the brown color better than the black one, but I'll use powered makeup instead of a pencil. Finally, I remember my first experiences when the makeup of my face was like a crown rather than a woman. Greetings from Spain.

  • M. J.

    Thank you Kathy honey good advice i haven't ever tried false eyelashes but I'd like to and I probably will soon they'll probably look like crap the first time I really need a friend to help me there maybe eye makeup is still maybe my biggest trouble i need instruction bad a personal instructor would be nice or a dvd on the subject I'm going to try femsecrets makeup magic soon maybe I'll learn something I just got to do my makeup often enough over the years maybe I just need more practice practice practice and that is all I intend to do soon I recently was awarded my disability so I dont need to work at least for a bit and I'm going to use the time to practice my makeup i hope to be living full time soon too not sure how that's going to work out yet I'm going to enjoy trying though after 55 years of hiding I'm ready to strut my stuff so to speak Love M.J.

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