What Makes Your Look Complete?

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What Makes You "Complete?"

For some of us, the process of getting “dressed” is a thrill beyond words.

The feelings never change. They're forever with us and take us to heights difficult to explain to a non-crossdresser. Who can aptly describe the euphoria that accompanies slipping into a En Femme slinky dress? Or the elation of wiggling into a tight corset? Or even the jubilation of slipping a pair of full-size breastforms into the pockets of a new bra?

Yet despite all this preparation, there is that final moment, those joyous few seconds when you are finally, finally ready, when your desired appearance suddenly all “comes together” and you almost want to cry out in sheer delight, “Eureka!”

Let's Think Back a Bit

But, before we get there, let’s recap a little. For those of you like me, the whole process of my transformation is an experience in itself—as much part of the desire to dress as in seeing the final “product”. My process is very regimented, very organised, very methodical. I have been known to take up to two hours to get ready, starting from the time I start unbuttoning my shirt to have a shower.

In the early days of my dressing, when I was either content or, more likely, forced to stay indoors—wow, that does seem like a long time ago!—I might have dressed with far more abandon. Sure, while I always liked to look good, the levels of “perfection” which I now seek when I go out might have been slightly less! Like some of us, if I was staying in, I was content to dress in just a En Femme bra and panties, corset, and petticoat. No need for a dress, makeup, or accessories.

Partially Crossdressing Just Won't Do

Subtly at first, without me fully realizing, there came a time in my crossdressing journey when such “partial crossdressing” was no longer enough. My brain demanded that I dress completely and totally. It demanded that the vision of womanhood I was seeking to emulate become complete in its entirety. No half-measures anymore; no “let’s throw on a dress and sit around casually”. No, it became perfection or nothing!

With practice and with some considerable trial and error, I eventually found my “look.” It was the appearance I feel, rightly or wrongly, suits me best, makes me look like a “real” woman (not some cheap imitation), and makes me appear as someone who can go out and about in a crowd unnoticed and undetected. I'm just another lady passing by…

In fact, I squirm when I look back at some old photos of me with long hair and cheap-looking wigs, wearing dresses or skirts which at the time I thought stylish and which now…. well, I think it’s best not to say.

Desired Image Found, Routine in Place

Once I found the image I had been seeking, found the appearance I felt suited me best, the process of my transformation rarely wavered. I was happily ensconced into a routine which I knew worked and achieved the results I was after.

Yet I realized during this process that there was a “magic moment," or more likely a magic couple of seconds, near the end of the process in moving from male to female, where everything just slotted into place. Everything that I had been building up to for the last few hours fit together, just like the final piece of a difficult 3000-piece jigsaw.

The Switch is "On"

Sometimes it’s like suddenly flicking a switch to the “on” position. One moment there is me, all made-up with my dress and the rest of my En Femme outfit, looking good, accessories and shoes on. But I’m not quite there, if you know what I mean.

Then comes the final piece, the “crowning glory." It's that last item that makes my transformation totally and utterly complete.

She’s Back, She's Here

To me, that moment comes as I put my wig on, brush down the sides, run my fingers through hair to get the shape right, and turn and look in my full-length mirror. Sometime I gasp involuntarily as I see “Kathy” looking back at me. She’s back, she’s here. Oh, where have you been?

It may sound strange but my whole demeanour changes as I look at Kathy, my whole persona comes alive, and my body language slips into femme-mode (not deliberately, it just happens!)

Crowning Moment

Talking to many other girls, everyone has their own “crowning moment," their own pinnacle of realisation that their alter ago has arrived. For some, it’s that last coat of nail varnish; for others it’s climbing aboard their 4” or 6” heels. For others, the moment that they spray the perfume of their choice around their wrists and over their body is the last touch.

Whatever your “final piece” is, you can tell us. Don’t forget we’re all in this together!


  • Tracy

    My regimen is also a process, a routine, to get me all the way to Tracy. Skin cleansing, sometimes a mask if I'm feeling decadent. Then makeup, smoothing out the lines to soften my face. highlighting my eyes and cheekbones. Finding just the right shade of lipstick to go with my outfit.

    I have cut the panty from hose that is tighter in its support, and formed a very nice holder to tuck into. then panties, then usually hose, garters and stockings if it's an occasion, or I just want to feel extra sexy. Then the bra, I prefer strapless to hold my forms, with just a touch of adhesive to keep them in place. If I'm going to use straps, I found this wonderful thing called a Genie Bra. One piece, like a sports bra, but utilitiarian in color (white, black or tan), casual and comfy as HELL! Inexpensive as far as a decent bra goes ($10, which is handy for a Tgirl on a fixe income!). Then the outfit… Sweater dress or long sexy party dress, if it's cooler, knee-length skirt and a tank, or t-shirt if it's warmer. Shoes are open toed wedges, or 5 inch stilettos, or boots, depending on weather and how I feel.

    Then my wig… THE wig, the one that I feel defines Tracy most, and best. (My SF wig has finally given up the ghost, I'm sorry to say. She either has to be repaired or replaced, and I have yet to find her again on the site. She was part of a bundle special a couple of years back… But I digress.

    I stand and face the mirror, then I prepare the wig, put it on and make all the adjustments, and I ALWAYS say to myself, "Hello, beautiful." Once that's adjusted, then I put on my glasses. I have numerous pairs and styles. But once those are on, then I know, then I AM, the Tracy that I want to show to the world. :) <3

    Thank you for all the wonderful advice, and all the wonderful things!

    Tracy Leigh

  • Ricardo

    its amazing how many things are the same as to the things that have happened in my own little adventure foe me that final moment comes when I an done with nail's then I feel complete. After that when I look in the mirror I see Nancy looking back and as far as I'm concerned she is beautiful

  • Jamie

    That feeling of excitement increases for me until my face is done. Then another level of excitement as bra, stockings, garter, clothes, jewelry are applied. Then the dawning moment when the wigs put in place.
    But the final realization comes with slipping on those red, black or white 5" heels. Joyce has arrived.

  • Elena

    Starting saying it's very shameful to tell I found many coincidences in this article with the things that happens to me, particularly when you mention the "magical moment" That magical moment that Elena come to me. The reflection of her image in the mirror is my cure. That makes me forget who I'm really.
    Finally, the anxiety to find the moment to make my transformation into Elena is a drug that is difficult to control.
    My best wishes from Spain.
    My fake personality who called Elena or "cautiva dulce".

  • Patricia Kay

    Little by little I have been perfecting my look, if that’s what you call it for a 70 year old transwomen who is still learning the basics. I have wigs, makeup and clothes. Slowly but surely I have been succeeding at improving my attire, my makeup and my presentation. I have also been slowly increasing my boundaries when going out. Most of the time people ignore me which I take as a good sign and it pleases me and gives me confidence.

    So what does this have to do with completing my look? I realized that a final step in completing my feminization was my scent. True, one seldom gets close enough to someone to smell them but when you do it is telling if they smell nice, especially for a woman. I recently felt I had come close to completing my look. While picking up some foundation at my Avon store I decided what was missing from me was a unmistakable feminine scent. After consulting with my beauty consultant I tried numerous scents and ended up purchasing Avon Femme Eau de Parfum Spray. I don’t know what prompted me to do this but the next day I was to meet a friend so once I had my clothes and makeup on I decided to take the final step in my feminization. I sprayed myself with my new Eau de Parfum. I loved how it smelled on me! To others it may not mean much but to me it was my finishing touch. I now not only looked like a woman but now if someone got close enough, I had the scent of a woman.

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