Coping with COVID

Coping with the Covid-19 virus has been a struggle for those around the world, including many of my crossdressing friends.

Even though many states and counties are re-opening in various stages, virtually, due to the pandemic, the world had stopped for three months or more. For me and my girlfriends, there are no more nights on the town, dinner at lovely restaurants, movies, social activities...they have all drawn to a halt. What is a girl to do?

For me, the hiatus, except for a couple of semi-dressed-up sessions at home, gave me a chance to reflect on my 40 years of crossdressing and to clear out my wardrobe of items I no longer wear.

I smiled, laughed and cried with joy when looking back on the many times I have dressed as a woman since 1980. I thought of all the wonderful times out-and-about on my own, or with friends, dinners at well-know establishments, out-on-the-town with the girls and attending the local gala every year.

I have been blessed to have always been accepted in public and never to have been hassled. I’ve made friends with genetic females, sales associates in major department stores, and a couple of bartenders too.

I never expected life, when dressed as a woman, would be so good.

Going through my wardrobe was difficult. There are so many memories mixed in with too many clothing items and pairs of heels. How and when did I compile so many dresses, tops, skirts, etc.? Like my dear friend Tawni, when she went through her collection recently, every “unneeded” item was hard to give away. However, when the boxes were packed and loaded in the car for delivery to the local battered women’s shelter, I had a feeling of joy, as I knew my clothes would be helpful to a lady in need.

Tawni had an even rougher time than I did giving up a small part of her wardrobe during the lockdown in her hometown.

“I first decided to clean the closet!” she told me recently.  “Dumb me!!  That led me to see that I had spread my stuff out throughout the house...hidden away here and there like a pack rat or a dog with a bone who buries it and can't remember where it was.   So I cleaned and organized my primary closet and discovered blouses were hidden amongst my drab clothes…shoes hidden everywhere. Shoes, blouses, dresses, skirts, make up, wigs, foundational support garments.  EH GADS!!!!  So much stuff!!!”

“I became completely overwhelmed and felt so foolish at some of what I have,” Tawni continued.  “A boa jumpsuit?  Sheer bodysuit?  Goth black velvet dress way too small for me!  I broke down in tears that I can’t fit into some clothing any longer and that I am getting older.  So dividing into keep and not to keep piles was very emotional for me -- much more so than with any of my drab clothing.”

“I am a wild mad rich girl with way too many and much of everything?!?!?!  I sorted and sorted and in the end, I could not let go of any of the stockings, pantyhose, corsets, shoes, skirts or blouses.  I actually wanted to wear them in that instant and on the spot.”

“After a difficult soul searching and mind searching day, I only have a very, very small pile of items to let go.  I guess I am going to have to live forever and age backwards!!!

The following is what some of my other lovely sisters did to cope with Covid-19.

Teri Lynn: “Well, I miss the monthly local group meetings, and they had just planned to go to bi-monthly meetings. It would have been double the fun. I also miss going out in Teri-mode to shop for clothes. Going out and wearing a mask, defeats the purpose of makeup to look nice? So, if I have to wear a mask, I'm not going out.”

Stephanie: “I stocked up on good books, enjoyed the company of our housemates (for me it's my wife and three 20 something daughters), supported local restaurants by ordering take out food, didn't get too caught up on the non-essential things (including dressing opportunities). I live in a small town, so there's less temptation to go out and fewer people when you do!”

Silke (who lives en femme about 20/7, not 24/7): “The first thing that came to my mind is a wider opportunity to dress since I have been confined to my home office for work. I now wear more women's clothes than ever before and do so daily! Unless one has to attend a video conference and appear visually, no one cares which clothing one is wearing on the job at home. For example: My wife is a freelancer, and while I am engaged in her business, I usually wear women's clothes so her ‘personal secretary’ is ready when called. I wonder if it will make a difference for a crossdresser, who returns to usual office work after the pandemic, might she (he) stick to wearing women's clothing?”
“We were under a limited lockdown, which means that walks outside are permitted, but only few people are out-and-about. When my spouse and I were out-and-about recently, for example, I wore pumps, tan nylons, women's leggings, unisex sweatshirt and a tightly cut women's jacket. Handbag, of course! Plus my long natural curls! The very few people that cross our paths could care less what I was wearing and of which gender I am. And if they do -- oh well, then let 'em!!!

Lucy: “Every time I tell people all the projects I am getting done and how I have been making the best of a really bad situation, people get upset with me. Like I’m somehow enjoying this crisis and having too much fun?”  

“I live on a small forested farm in the country and I have been working for 33 years. Since I am finally retired and because of the virus, I am getting huge projects done that my spouse and I have wanted to do for 33 years!  Everything from cleaning out and organizing all of Lucy’s closets and drawers, to learning how to use a sewing machine, to converting a spare bedroom into a huge walk in closet for my wife…completely rebuilding our central vacuum cleaner and house water softener…cutting down trees and pruning bushes. I also learned how to use a box grader attachment for my tractor to level out all the gravel roads that have become severely rutted over the years due to gophers and water run off. So, yes, it is exhausting to even think about all the things I have already done and have yet to do. But it is so gratifying!  I am coping with Covid by immersing myself in big projects that I otherwise would never have had the time.”  

The loss of thousands-upon-thousands of people worldwide to the virus has been devastating and the continued emphasis to “stay safe” and to follow the rules established by local authorities is a must. If you are required to wear a face mask, please do so. By protecting yourself and others, we can beat this terrible invisible disease.


  • Amyrakunejo

    Coping With Societal Misconduct:

    Of all people on this planet, those that are potentially able to think for themselves, I am one in a few million that doesn't just think or believe, but knows that this entire thing is not what everyone else trusts the media and government to be. Of course, just because we know that this is not what people are just blindly believing it to be, doesn't make it any easier to deal with. On the contrary, IT'S THAT MUCH MORE DIFFICULT.

    I learned the other day that the mask will dehydrate me, and the end result of that was not pretty. I only wore the bloody thing to aid someone shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond, and twenty or so minutes of that was enough to drain me. So, if it is a must, I'll wear a scarf. At least that won't be cheap plastic against my face.

    I don't trust that people know what they're dealing with, and they won't listen because to them I'm some 'tinfoil wearing conspiracy theorist', which actually makes them look bad under the eyes of scrutiny. So, I let them deal with the consequences.

    I don't wish harm, I only wish love, and acceptance, and some semblance of balance. Of the three, I see none. It's sad. It's depressing. It's stressful.

    So, how do I deal with that? "Welcome to Bejeweled Twist."
    I play engaging, time-killing games. About all I can do. I can barely focus on much else.

    May the Divines guide us all…

    Much love,
    ~Amyrakunejo, KBGaming&&Music

  • Tawni

    What a wonderful article – and Yes, I still am having a hard time getting rid of some of the silly stuff I bought!!! I just love Carollyn. A great friend and a very very smart, kind human being!

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