Are You a Fetish Crossdresser? (It's Great if You Are!)

Fetish Crossdressing in Leather and Lace

Are You a Fetish Crossdresser? (It's Great if You Are!)

Many crossdressers start out as fetish crossdressers.

Some crossdressers progress into fully presenting as a woman and some simply stay as they are—enjoying the fetish they have and the time when they engage in it!

Many fetishists find an item of female clothing, or the style of a garment from En Femme’s great clothing range, or a special type of outfit which they particularly like—and get great pleasure from wearing such item (or similar items) over and over again. Some crossdressers have no need to wear more than several female items and may never go all the way and fully present as a woman; they may never go out and meet others, being content just stay at home or in a hotel and indulge in their fetish for things feminine.

Not that there is anything wrong with this; they are quite content, enjoying their interest and bothering no one.

There are so many fetishes we can talk about but we’ll have a look at the top 5, and you can see if any of these sound familiar!

In no particular order, some popular fetishes:

  1. Women’s Underwear: Possibly because such items of clothing are the most accessible, so many crossdressers start out by wearing panties and a bra. Indeed, no matter where they end up, many crossdressers can still remember the very first time they fastened a bra behind their back, filled out the bra cups with old nylons or bird seed or whatever was to hand. They can still remember the first time they pulled on a pair of silky panties and how they felt as the soft fabric brushed against their thighs and enveloped their nether regions. And, of course once they had tried wearing a set of women’s underwear, our crossdresser was absolutely, totally hooked; the feelings, the sensations would live with him forever. Over time, our fetish crossdresser may order all sorts of styles of bras and panties from the En Femme website, but he stays loyal to simply wearing women’s underwear. He just likes it so much!


  • Stockings and Garters: The fetish of many crossdressers to wear stockings and garters is often linked to wearing underwear as mentioned above. In some ways stockings and garters portray that sensual, sexy image that many crossdressers are looking to recreate when they dress. Often worn with or as part of a corset or other sexy upper garment, it’s not uncommon for many crossdressers to build their whole style or appearance around these items of clothing, maybe adopting a heavy, sexual type of makeup, with low-cut tops and short skirts. The sheer, black, soft nylons held up with a well-fitting garter, the tension in the garter tabs evident every time our crossdresser moves… Why change if you really enjoy the feelings?
  • Mini Skirt and High Heels: Again, interlinked to some extent to the above fetishes, wearing micro mini-skirts and 4” or 6” high heels at every available opportunity are activities many crossdressers revel in. Who doesn’t love to show off their long, shapely legs? Who doesn’t love to strut around teetering on very high heels—and get intoxicated by the feelings which wash over them when they look in the mirror and see their sexy legs and skirts? Maybe this fetish is one of the very favorites as some crossdressers seem to have such great legs, perhaps due to their exercise they do or the diet they follow. Whatever the reason, if you’ve got them, show them, even if you are likely to get some strange looks while prancing around the local shopping centre in the middle of a Saturday lunchtime in your mini skirt and 6” black patent leather, strappy heels! 
  • Uniforms: Now this is an interesting one. How many crossdressers have a fetish for uniforms or outfits? The one that comes quickly to mind is the French maid uniform—white frilly apron, short working dress, frilly panties, and white head wear. It’s easy to lose count of how many crossdressers like to prance around (often wearing stockings and garters too) doing some housework and, seemingly, forever looking in the mirror at themselves in uniform! Of course, there are plenty of other uniforms out there such as a nurse’s uniform or maybe a female superhero outfit. Indeed, with the advent of cosplay and its huge popularity, more and more crossdressers are taking to wearing uniforms... might be time to dust off one of your old outfits or buy a new outfit/uniform from En Femme! 
  • Rubber or Latex: Always one of the perennial favorites of fetish crossdressers, rubber or latex clothing comes in all sorts of varieties and variations. Maybe rubber underwear or mini-skirts or tight-fitting tops which leave little to the imagination. Then there are skin-tight, roll-on latex all-in-one suits, sometimes used in conjunction with female masks which give the wearer a totally female look (a sub-fetish known as masking) or more often just items of rubber or latex wear to give pleasure and enjoyment to the wearer—often by their tight, restrictive nature… and maybe for enhanced enjoyment in role-play or light bondage


As we all know, within the crossdressing and T-girl communities there are a myriad of varieties, shades and colors of people. We are all unique and all like different things and experiences. So whatever your fetish, go for it and don’t be concerned about what others may think—it’s still just about a free world!


  • Natasha

    My journey began with three names: Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, and Eartha Kitt. Watching 1960’s Batman reruns as a kid and seeing those three amazing women in tight, black, shiny catsuits left an indelible mark on my psyche; their look was so alluring. As a teenager I fantasized of a time when I would be able to wear such skintight outfits. Fast forward to later in life, I discovered latex, and that I could wear latex catsuits to look like the Catwomen of my youth and so much more. I started with male latex catsuits, jeans, shirts, jackets, hoods, etc. Boots were next. Thigh-highs. Knee-highs. Booties. I walked differently when wearing them. Felt different when wearing them. Then I bought a male corset. I liked how it changed the shape of my waist, but I found I liked the look of female latex corsets more and ordered one, and a mistress skirt and blouse set… and an inflatable latex breast top. With this first crossdressing outfit my fate was sealed, quite literally, in latex; I now enjoy crossdressing while wearing rubberdoll catsuits with breast forms, female masks (doing makeup is not my forte and sun glasses help minimize the uncanny valley), and long, red hair, wigs. Recently I added En Femme butt and hip pads which have only improved the look and feel of crossdressing for me.

    TL;DR, latex is the number one reason I crossdress; being able to wear the a wide array of female latex is intoxicating and relaxing as it changes the way I move and walk, sit and stand, feel and think. Mixing female and male latex with the male form is also enjoyable, creating an androgynous look.

    So now I am Natasha, Rubber Natasha, and one day I will get that moose and squirrel ;) Seriously, that’s as “feminine” as I can get my voice.

  • Crespin Rosales

    I am a 55 ur old white male who has Been a admire of wearing sexy lingerie and heels with stockings lace top..I have always enjoyed coming home and take a shower and do a little touch shav and get my favorite black lace panties n matching camisole

  • Kate

    I am currently transitioning and my breasts are now 38b. Wearing feminine lingerie is so exhilarating and the further I go down the transitioning path the more feminine I feel. Thanks for your great articles.

  • Tanya Jane

    It was fascinating to read this article as the first 3 sections fit me perfectly. I started with wearing just women’s underwear, bra, panties, stockings. Told myself I wasn’t a crossdresser it was only a fetish. Then at some point became obsessed with wanting to wear lingerie. I finally was able work up the courage to purchase some lingerie at a lingerie shop (prior to the internet). Went through a few purges but the need to wear lingerie never left. I don’t recall the exact moment but then I thought why not keep going and squeeze into one my wife’s dresses. Then moved on to some of my own purchases. I was still telling myself I’m not like those crossdressers on the internet, it’s just a fetish. Finally said to myself wait a minute I own my own dress, a pairs of stockings, 2 panties, 2 bras, and a pair of high heels. I am just like those crossdressers on the internet. My wardrobe has expanded, including 2 wigs (still only one pair of heels, but have a couple of pairs in my wish list). Now I am only fully satisfied when I can fully dress. Unfortunately I have to admit I still have times when I struggle completely accepting that I am a crossdresser, you’d think by now those struggles would be over. But deep down I know I am a crossdresser and I would not change that, it is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world to dressed en femme..


    I am completely obsessed with wearing lingerie. I guess you can call it a major obsession. My lingerie drawers are completely packed with variety of bras and panties including stockings and garters. I pretty much shop exclusively online at en femme style for all of my bras, gaffs, panties etc. nothing better than slipping on A New pair of panties from my favorite lingerie store. It is the best feeling when I am tucked into a gaff panty.

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