Like everyone, you are probably a working girl with a career where you are required to interact with co-workers or the public. No matter where you are in your transitioning stage, eventually you will want to transition at work. This is typically trying for transgender individuals, and there are habitually many hurdles to hedge, but transitioning apparel as you develop may ease the process for those you interact with.

You’re a fortunate femme if you wear work in a uniform! You may find it boring, but because everyone at work wears something similar to you allowing your flourishing feminine figure to remain undetected a little longer while educating coworkers. It also negates your need to purchase a new work wardrobe during your transition

A professional will want to be cautious during transition. As you transition, you may want to consider wearing gender neutral apparel. Once you’ve notified human resources and your managers, and your body progresses with hormones, you may experiment with workplace feminine fashions. Men are taught women should be sexy and beautiful at all times, and unfortunately this may be subconsciously rooted in your thoughts as you may find yourself heading for sexy apparel first; know the dress code at work, observe other working women’s wardrobes and stride to be more conservative than them – I doubt you’ll find many of them wearing low cut tops and red patent leather stilettos to the office. There is a time and place to be more provocative, but a professional environment is not usually one of them, and in fact it may sweep you into uncomfortable or serious situations.

En Femme provides many suits, and jacket and pencil skirt separates which can be paired with their elegant blouses and more casual tops. You’ll also find many of their swing dresses and peplum dresses are both shape flattering and workplace appropriate. AND don’t underestimate the power of pants in sleek feminine cuts; many retailers offer options for enhanced curves, which you may find works better with your transitioning figure.

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If you have undergone hair revitalization procedures or you have a fantastic hairline, you’re the envy of everyone reading this article because you probably have the ability to style your hair in very sleek wrapped ponytails, topknots and other office hair trends women use. If you are styling your own hair, make sure you wash it every day – genetically that pesky “Y” chromosome usually means your hair becomes greasier than your cisCisgender: One Whose gender identity matches their gender at birth
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(female) counterpart.

If you’ve decided a wig is a better fit for your image, you have a variety of options. However, first you must make sure you wear a wig cap and secure your natural hair under the cap. For wig options, natural hair wigs look the best and most natural, but is also the most expensive and most difficult type to maintain and style. I prefer a high quality synthetic wig, which will last you longer, can be styled and cleaned quite easily, and is available in many natural color and highlight options. You can even purchase a few of the same wig and have them style differently to provide you various options to wear at the office. Bangs aren’t always super-stylish, but they will hide a wig line and soften a strong forehead. If you absolutely desire a style that sits off your face, without bangs, you will want to purchase a lace front wig. I’m sure you’ve seen rooted wig lines (the wig line looks like tiny frozen French fries), which are fine for entertainers, but they won’t look natural in daylight. Lace fronts require you to wear a reasonable amount of make-up to cover the lace and blend with your skin; you must keep this in mind when purchasing this option – without acceptable coverage the seam will be noticeable. Many online retailers provide natural looking wigs already styled, but it’s typically less expensive if you purchase an un-styled wig and do it yourself. You can often learn how to style and clean your own wigs through online tutorials, at a local wig retailer, and the local stage crew at your local community or university theater are great also great resources.

Your work life is already stressful; your wardrobe shouldn’t have to be. Blending and bonding with the other women in your workplace is the key to beginning a successful transition in the workplace. They will often accept and adjust to your transformation more quickly, and stand-up for you in sticky situations. Through all of the obstacles of transitioning in the workplace, remember you have options on where you want to provide your talents and time, and many companies embrace and protect the transitioning process.

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