Too Tall? No Way!

Too Tall? No way!

For many crossdressers, being tall is a major concern and problem. But it shouldn’t be.

I’ve stopped counting the number of times I’ve been told, by those reading my series of “Tricks of The Trade” crossdressing advice books, that “I can't crossdress because I'm too tall." My response, to put it bluntly, is (fill in the blank)!!!

Height has very little to do with crossdressing! Just look around! How can you miss seeing tall, beautiful women? They are everywhere! And you can be a tall and beautiful woman as well, with a little confidence and fashion assistance from En Femme.

Women are as pretty as ever. They’re also taller and their shoe, dress, skirt, and jeans sizes are bigger. The average height and weight for a woman has increased by one inch to 5’4” and has gone from 150 to 166 pounds in the last 20 years, according to Livestrong.

When I started crossdressing 35 years ago, the internet was non-existent. In the department stores, I could not find decent fashions, let alone shoes that fit. Women’s dress sizes seemed to stop at size 12-14 before one had to go in to the large woman or maternity section. Nice heels over size 10 were near impossible to find. I somehow managed, but girls today are so fortunate with almost all their needs available in the stores and on the internet.

If you feel you can’t be a crossdresser because you are 6-foot or more in heels, En Femme fashions and I are here to help. En Femme clothing is designed for the larger and less curvy male torso.

I stand close to 6’3” in heels and weigh about 175 pounds and I have never heard a negative comment regarding my height or my body shape. Why? It’s probably due to my “learned” feminine style and fashion sense, body language, and mannerisms. If you carry yourself properly, nobody will even think of you as anything other than a woman.

Recently, I was standing in a crowded concessions line at a public event and one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever set eyes upon walked up behind me. She had shoulder length blonde hair and was wearing a lovely long sweater and skinny jeans tucked inside her 4-inch heel boots. She stood at least 6’7”, maybe 6’8”. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see a few people “gawk” at us as we chatted (maybe they thought we were basketball players, or at least she was), but nobody made a disparaging comment. Why would they? We were just two tall women chatting while awaiting our order. What may have been “rare or abnormal” in the past is now “the norm.”

I have a number of crossdressing friends, among them Michele Popkov, Jamie Grae and Jennifer Williams, who are from three to five inches taller than me. Height has never stopped any of them from being out-and-about any time they wish.

Confidence is the key to crossdressing, no matter how tall you are. Locking yourself in the closet because you are “too tall” is a huge mistake. The fear of being too tall can be overcome by going out and having the right clothes, too.

Here’s where En Femme and I can help.

En Femme creates passable and glamorous customized clothes, at a competitive price, for men interested in crossdressing. I should know. My closet is full of En Femme dresses, skirts, jeans, and accessories. I love the fact that virtually all of the items in the En Femme™ catalog are designed for the “man’s body” and manufactured in the United States.

Crossdressing has been at the heart of the En Femme™ Fashion Line for over 20 years. The styles are not only fashionable and trendy, but a majority of the styles are innovative and unique with exclusive features like pocketbra cups, that hold breast forms inside the clothing, or specially molded silicone hip and buttock pads to help to create a feminine, hourglass figure with a seamless design.

The first time you wear a En Femme outfit, you will be hooked. I was! The fit will be perfect no matter how tall you are because the clothes are designed for you. So, look to En Femme and me for help.

My advice? Browse through the En Femme catalog for the clothes that “fit” your style and write me for any of my three “Tricks of the Trade” self-help books at: [email protected]