getting caught crossdressing

Threat or Thrill: Do You Worry About Getting Caught or Love It?

Do you ever worry about getting caught crossdressed? Or does this add to the thrill?

This is just one of the myriad of questions you might ask yourself if you did a short exercise in self-analysis about why you love to dress in some sexy En Femme attire.

You’d probably also ask yourself, “Just why do I do it?” or maybe even, “Can I ever stop?” But you would soon dismiss these questions, since you know they really do not have an answer—at least not an answer you can complete in less than 20,000 words!

So, let’s go back to focus on our original questions.

Getting Caught

Well, almost certainly at some point in a crossdresser’s life, he would have been caught. It might have been when our fledging crossdresser first started, around maybe 4-5 years old, long before he had any idea or concern about the potential consequences of being found in his sister’s skirt and top or in his mother’s dress. Or it might have been in the immediate pre-teen years when the fascination with women’s clothing was beginning to exert a stronger and stronger influence over the young man’s thinking.

Even into the early teens, as needs and wants to crossdress strengthened, it’s unlikely that many of us over-thought the issue of being caught and what would happen after. Sure, we knew our mother or father would not be pleased if they found out, but we could probably pass off the incident as curiosity getting the better of us; or offer an explanation that it was an experiment or something that suggested that it was just a “one-off” and that we might not dress again.

Clearly, children and young adults can get out of most things by playing dumber or more naive than they really are!

Is Stopping an Option?

But what about grown, adult men? Men who may have wives, children, and careers.

Surely anyone who has a family and a livelihood to protect will think twice, or even three times, before dressing up in one of his secret horde of En Femme outfits. He’d be cautious before applying that mystical makeup powder and prancing around their home when the family is out—or even daringly stepping out of the front door to their car to attend a surreptitious meeting of other crossdressers.

They might think twice or more. But does it stop any dressing? No.

Can any CD really resist the temptation when the opportunity arises to become the woman he might long to be? Definitely not!

Sure, most adult crossdressers will almost certainly have fleeting moments when they do worry or have doubts about what they are doing, about the huge risks they are taking, and about the consequences if they are caught. But, hey, these will only be very fleeting worries and the magnetism of crossdressing, the irresistible urges to present as female in your En Femme finery, will mean that all worries or fears about getting caught are effectively vanquished to the inner corners of the mind.

And anyway, it won’t happen to me, I’m too cautious, I double check everything!

Euphoria Conquers All

On the other hand, you have to admit that the euphoria that comes when you dress is enhanced by the slight nagging fear of one day being caught. It’s not so much an overt fear, but something more hidden, and it subconsciously enhances the delightful excitement of the moment.

Undoubtedly, there are crossdressers who are greater risk takers than others, who might live on the adrenalin of daringly crossdressing—either when they are short of time to accomplish their needs or will dress when maybe there is someone in the next room. The extra risk, that extra thrill, can only add to the overall feelings of invincibility that the crossdressing drug provides to those who participate in this most wonderful of activities!

So, threat or thrill, thrill or threat?

It’s simple. In reality, they are both intertwined in us as much as our female alter-ego is with our male psyche. Otherwise why would regular and—more often than not—relatively boring men take such outlandish risk?