Pants. We all wear them, but the right fit and style can make a big difference in your appearance. If you are a crossdresser or Trans woman, you may shy away from pants initially in search of a more feminine look, but I am here to tell you that the right types of pants can be just as feminine and flirty as your cutest skirt.

This article is a guide to modern, feminine pants. The suggestions and styling advice from this article may not translate to women’s jeans styles. I will mainly be covering current style trends for tailored and semi casual pants.

Men's to Women's Pants Size Conversion:

There are no charts available for this specific purpose, however, this article will help you:

  • Understand the difference in women’s pants styling and design
  • Show you how to adjust your inseam length choice based on style preference
  • Suggest some great pants currently available that are converted and designed to fit the biological male form

I will also cover the differences in women’s pants by comparing them to what you may be used to wearing in men’s pants or jeans.

Jeans wider lower Jeans tighter longer


Women’s jeans can be loose and baggy, similar to men’s jeans, but baggy styling is more popular with teens and very early 20’s hipster girls. The more popular modern styling in jeans are tighter, low rise, straight leg cuts. The hemlines for ladies jeans may be longer or fall at the ankle. Keep in mind that some jean styles can look cute when they are bunched a bit at the bottom.

transgender Leggings


Leggings can be fun and cute. As a crossdresser or transwomen, you either have fabulous long legs, or you have more muscular gams. Leggings will look awesome on more slender legs, but they may not look as feminizing on muscular legs and may highlight your natural musculature more than is needed.


For semi casual or more tailored looks, a basic pair of pants can’t be beat. When Crossdressing, or if you are a transitioning M2F, you want to choose a style that is tailored (not sloppy or loose) with a slimmer leg (to keep it more feminine). Most modern womens' pant hems land at your ankle area or a little above the ankle.

Tailored cut pants Tight leg pant Wide leg pant
  • INSEAM ADVICE: Since most modern women’s pants end at the mid up upper ankle, when choosing the inseam, choose it 2 or 4 inches shorter than your normal men’s pant inseam (base your hem choice on how loose and scrunched you like to wear your mens' jeans or pants)

At En Femme, our designers have taken all of these facts into consideration to create the perfect selection of pants for the average type of TG or CD body.

Crossdresser Pants
  • Proper modern trend styling with proper fit: Our pants are a relaxed straight leg that is tapered enough to look feminine but relaxed enough to fit the average larger leg of the Crosdressing/TG. They won’t be too tight (like a legging), but will not look loose and baggy on anyone!
  • Women's pants that fit well in the seat and crotch area: Our pants are designed to look feminine, but there is added room in the crotch area to accommodate the needs of the transitioning trans or crossdresser. We also use a stretch ponte fabric that is stretchy, soft, and comfortable. We suggest using a Gaff when wearing our pants for the best fit and look.
  • Comfortable stretch fabric: To ensure a better fit on more people, we made our pants out of premium, subtle sheen, stretch ponte material. It drapes well to fit slender figures and stretches appropriately to look wonderful on larger framed girls.
  • Proper average inseam with extra fabric at the hem: The average pant and jeans hem length for men is 34 inches. Most men let their pants gather a bit at the bottom. Our pant hemline is 32 inches – which creates the proper (ankle) length for modern slimmer straight leg women’s pants. We leave 1 inch at the bottom hem for any crossdressers who want to have the hem let out. Some taller girls may like a higher look at the ankle, so even if you have a 36-inch hemline, you may find the higher ankle look pleasing.
  • Sophisticated leather accents: The pockets and belt loops are made of stretch leather
Crossdresser Pant Selection