Is Aging Kinder to TG than GG?

Most T-girls I know, if they are being honest, agree with me: It’s really very hard work to be a woman!

Sure, it has several major advantages being of the fairer gender, but consider: the maintenance efforts and costs in always being expected to look good; the metabolic based struggles with weight and excess fat distribution in the “wrong” places; being often looked at, sadly, as a second class citizen in your chosen career (advancement prospects and salary to name but two); having to go through childbirth; and the big one which plagues so many women and plays with their emotions throughout their lives: hormones and imbalances thereof.

In many ways, women are like flowers and have a period of bloom when they are truly radiant and beautiful, let’s say between the ages of, say 16-27, whereafter it often all becomes much more of a struggle to look perfect; it’s clearly very hard for any T-girl to compete with a GGGenetic Girls
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during this time, unless the T-girl is herself a stunner.

Now, I am being very general here but, after many women ease into their thirties and are married or in a long term relationship, weight gain does seem to be an issue and there is possibly less time for the lady in question to take care of herself as she now has a husband, and maybe children, competing for her time and attention—with the unfortunate effect that she tends to let her appearance and body suffer (as an aside, you really have to hand it to married, career women with children, juggling all of her responsibilities and still looking good!)

The typical T-girl, unless she is a heavy eater and drinker, can normally find some time to exercise and keep trim (after all, as an example, men don’t have to carry up to almost 25% of their weight around with them for 9 months, and then lose it again…) and their metabolisms tend to more easily shed unwanted weight.

Another 12-15 years or so, at 40 something, and the GG has probably brought up a family and is heading for the oft dreaded menopause with all the associated emotional and physical issues. Often, given that any former beauty has now faded, the hair is cut to be practical, not sexy or demure, clothes are worn for comfort not to attract a mate, then looking good is often very low down on the list of priorities.

Our T-girl, on the other hand, is now much more experienced with dressing styles and make-up, possibly has more spare cash then when she was in her 20’s, and by-and-large has kept herself in reasonable shape… just so she can still fit a size 10 or 12 dress! Oh.., and, of course, she can select from a huge range of wigs and breast forms and other enhancement accessories from sites such as En Femme to give herself all sorts of different appearances. Plus, importantly, there are none of the wretched hormonal changes going on inside her!

So, what have we got?

In short, the competitive edge a GG had on being more beautiful and in better shape has well gone and, in many cases (and some of my GG friends freely admit this), a typical T-girl is better maintained, better dressed and overall better presented than many GG’s—yes, it’s hard work as we all know but, at the same time, find me a T-girl who says it isn’t worth it.

In fact, a close GG friend confided to me over dinner only a month ago that one thing which made some mature T-girls more noticeable, made them stand out in a crowd is not that they don’t pass as women, but the fact that they are almost always better turned out than their contemporary GG’s… a back handed compliment if ever I heard one!

Well, it’s something worth looking forward in one’s old age I guess.