Is Aging Kinder to TG than GG?

Most T-girls I know, if they are being honest, agree with me: It’s really very hard work to be a woman!

Sure, it has several major advantages being of the fairer gender, but consider: the maintenance efforts and costs in always being expected to look good; the metabolic based struggles with weight and excess fat distribution in the “wrong” places; being often looked at, sadly, as a second class citizen in your chosen career (advancement prospects and salary to name but two); having to go through childbirth; and the big one which plagues so many women and plays with their emotions throughout their lives: hormones and imbalances thereof.

In many ways, women are like flowers and have a period of bloom when they are truly radiant and beautiful, let’s say between the ages of, say 16-27, whereafter it often all becomes much more of a struggle to look perfect; it’s clearly very hard for any T-girl to compete with a GGGenetic Girls

Kathy Hamilton