How to hide your bulge with a cross dressing gaff

For anyone interested in wearing feminine garments, such as dresses, skirts or other tight women's clothing, it's important to discuss the topic of tucking. Tucking creates the illusion of a smooth front and can be accomplished in a variety of ways depending on the occasion. From tight panty hose to strong tape, tucking techniques can vary and it seems everyone has a favorite way to create that flat look below the belt.

The hiding gaff is a specialty garment sold by En Femme and various retailers. The gaff is designed in a way that keeps you tucked for a longer period of time so you can look your most feminine. The gaff is a great option if you plan to stay tucked throughout the day or are wearing very tight or revealing clothing. The gaff can have a thong back or a "briefer" style back but what they both have in common is a strong front panel of fabric meant to hold your tuck in position. In the case of tucking, practice makes perfect and the gaff will only work as well as your ability to effectively tuck.

How to ready your “Package” for the Gaff

There are two ways to “move things around” so that your gaff panty will be more effective:

1. The Simple Method - If you bought your gaff to just make your crotch area more flat but you are not going to be super critical about your “flatness factor,” then all you need to do is pull the gaff up your thighs, just push back your penis and balls with one hand and pull the gaff up with the other hand. Pull it up to your waist and everything will be tighter and flatter. If you are lucky, the construction on the gaff may rearrange your male parts automatically so that all is super flat (resembling the “rearrangement” method - explained next)

2. The “Rearrangement” Method – To achieve the smoothest crotch area, you need a good gaff design with the proper fabric plus you need to reposition your genitals for optimal smoothness.

En Femme has made Gaff designs for 20 years and our various designs are customer tested to assure proper fit and quality. En Femme Offers The widest variety of gaffs for all activity levels and lifestyles.

Step 1: Move your marbles to the front

Basically, you need to move your testicles to the front and get your penis flat underneath so that you can achieve the flattest look. Sounds scary, right? Well it is at first. Here’s the 411 on moving your balls “up front” into the cavity above them

A. Before we start, get your gaff in position. Move it up your thighs, right below your crotch. You can lie down or stand for the next steps.

B. Above your balls, is an empty cavity. The testicles descended from this cavity soon after you were born. You may have experienced your testicles rising towards the cavity during ejaculation. For some, the cavity fits the testicles well, where for others, the testicles no longer fit. You will have to determine how your anatomy fits together before moving to the next step - use caution as you determine how your testicles fit into the cavity.

C. If you are ready, you now need to gently push your testicles up into this cavity. It’s scary at first, but believe me, it’s not a big deal after you do it two or three times. They will end up located right behind your pubic bone area.

Step 2: Flatten your penis underneath

A. Now that you have your testicles up front, lightly hold them in place with one hand. With the other and you need to make your penis flat. If you are flexible enough, it is much better to reach behind, and grab to pull the penis flat between the legs. If you are not so flexible, then push the penis back flat as you can.

B. Once you have your penis pushed or pulled back, let go of your balls and use that hand to bring the gaff up, while holding the penis flat with the other hand.

C. Now bring the gaff material up to the penis area and hold this area tight to the body with the one hand while letting go with the other hand (that was holding the area from behind). If you have a thong design, pull the thong from the back, making the area between your legs (and the penis) tighter and flatter.

D. While holding the "flattened area" tight, bring up the sides of the gaff fully over your hips

Step 3: Adjustment & perfecting the tuck

Hopefully, everything is quite flat and feels tight to the body. Now is your opportunity to perfect the look and tuck. You can make the tuck tighter by pulling the thong back tighter. Also, make sure that you have the gaff positioned correctly by pulling the thong more to the back so that the front panel is a few inches under the belly button.
TIP: Many people initially get the gaff on the body positioned too far forward and think that their tuck is not flat enough. They don't realize that they need to shift the full garment further back so that the garment can really tuck tightly. To shift if backward, gently pull at the thong in the back and hold the tucked area tight while shifting the garment back (so everything stays tight and just gets tighter and flatter!). The front of the gaff should have a strong tension from your adjustment and feel tight enough in front to hold everything in place.

Now you should have a flat crotch area! If you don’t think it is flat enough, let the gaff down a few inches, while again holding the testicles up in the cavity, re-flatten the penis and pull the gaff up again (it is not unusual to rearrange 2 - 3 times to get it flat and tight to the body)

Take your time getting your tuck and gaff positioning just right. Once you get a nice flat tuck that is holding, gaffs can hold that area flat for many hours. You just need to choose how flat you prefer the area, and your overall comfort level. Our Comfort Smooth Gaffs offer flexible fit for all day active comfort, while our Max Smooth Gaffs offer extra compression for a flatter appearance, but may be more suitable for shorter duration usage.

TIP 1-Erections: it’s best not to get too excited in your gaff as it could cause discomfort

TIP 2-Bathroom: Yes, you will need to undo everything to go to the bathroom. Just practice a few times and you can re-arrange your genitals in a snap to get your gaff back on so your back to looking your most lady-like right away!

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