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As a crossdresser or trans woman, you can present your feminine identity in many forms. You may choose to dial-up or down your look depending on the occasion or mood. No need to choose just one look. With breast forms, you can also increase or decrease size depending on your situation because you can choose different breast forms for your different moods!

One way to enhance your style is your bustline. You can modify your appearance to be more voluptuous (larger bustline) or demure (smaller bustline).

Situational Considerations

If you only dress indoors, discreetly, feel free to make use of any size bustline (small to super large). However, if you plan to go out in public, then you will want to consider size as larger forms draw more attention - for that passable look, consider smaller forms when venturing out.

Correct Measurements Are Essential

Don’t have a measuring tape?

Just use any piece of string for measuring around your chest. Mark that measurement on the string. Now simply compare the string to any tape measure!

Finding the Right Breast Form for your Body

Which form is right for you? This is a consistent customer question we receive. At En Femme, we have simplified this process!

Our Simple 3-Step Process

1. Find your bra band size:

A correct bra band size is essential so that your bra fits well and insures that the corresponding breast forms you choose will be sized to your expectations. Our easy picture/diagram shows you where to measure to find your band size. We offer band sizes 36 – 44 inches

To take the bra band measurement, measure around your chest 2 - 2.5 inches below your nipple level.

2. Choose your breast size

Now comes the fun part! What type of look are you going to create? Busty or petite? We offer breast form/cup sizes B, C, D, DD or DDD. Our breast form sizing page displays various size breast forms/cup sizes on the same model. Our comparison pictures will make it easier for you to identify exactly what size you feel is appropriate. No more guess work!

3. Choose the appropriate product

Now that you have your band size (ex: size 40), and your cup size (ex: size C) How do you choose the right product? 

Use Our Exclusive Breast Form Recommendation Engine

Just input your height and weight and the recommendation engine will display the products that are appropriate for you.

  1. Basic information about the differences for each product is displayed to help guide you.
  2. The appropriate band and cup size range is displayed for each available product so you can double check if your measurements correspond with our expert recommendations.
  3. Products not appropriate for your recorded height and weight range are not displayed to help you avoid making a mistake when ordering (Ex: forms too wide or too narrow)
  4. To the right of the chart are product links so you can view the product page for any displayed product and order your new set of breast forms!

Our team has integrated 25 years of breast form design experience and knowledge into this unique online tool so that you may better compare bust enhancing options and more precisely order the most suitable product for your particular enhancing aspirations.

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