How to tuck and use a gaff

Worried About Wearing a Gaff? Don't Be!

Assuming that you do know what a gaff is—and believe it or not, many Crossdressers don't when they first start dressing—there are two or three basic misconceptions about what the garment is for and how to wear it.

But first, tell me, who doesn’t dream about parading around, indoors or out, in a En Femme mini skirt, or a tight-fitting, slinky dress that shows off our body shape? Who doesn’t agree that it makes us feel that much more feminine to see our body shape match that of a real genetic girl, especially when it’s nice and flat around our crotch area?

So you pull on a pair or two of tight fitting panties. or even a very tight, elasticated panty girdle to try to flatten “things” out. Fine so far, but hey, hold on, now you look closer… What’s that offending bulge right in the middle of your new dress? It distorts the smoothness of your crotch area and, worse still, sits right in the center of the view-lines of anyone admiringly looking you up and down…

Gaffs by En Femme

Well, beating the “battle of the bulge” is one reason why En Femme has been making gaffs for over 20 years, in various designs and colors—simply to help Crossdressers get that smoothness in their crotch area. And, of course, to make sure that their mini-skirts and other tight-fitting lower garments don’t reveal things they don’t want revealed!

Fundamentally, a gaff is a garment especially designed for Crossdressers to hold their male genitalia. A well-designed gaff of the right material will hold your penis flat, smooth your crotch, and keep your genitalia neat and tidy for the times when you want to look your most feminine.

It's a great idea, with great application.

Is it safe to wear a gaff?

However, misconceptions do seem to persist. As a starter, some Crossdressers worry that “tucking” your organ inside a tight fitting gaff and manipulating your penis and testicles in order to create a flatter, sexier look can either damage your sexual performance or, at the very least, be very painful or uncomfortable.

Sure, perhaps for the first few times you use a gaff, it might take a little time to adjust to the “new” position of your organ but, like everything else, “practice makes perfect." Secondly, there is no evidence or reports of Crossdressers wearing a gaff experiencing any subsequent hindrances to their sexual abilities—phew!

Push them up?

Then there are those Crossdressers who simply cannot face the idea of pushing their testicles back up into the cavity from whence they came (the “home” to your balls before you were born!). Thankfully, for those who do worry about such things, it is not compulsory to do this while wearing a gaff. Many people simply go for what is often called the “basic” or “simple” method: all you need to do is pull the gaff up your thighs, push back your testicles and penis with one hand and pull the gaff up with the other hand.

Pull the gaff right up to your waist to flatten all you need to flatten—while still leaving your balls outside your body. You'll be surprised how everything will be tighter and flatter—even “super flat” if you are lucky!

No worries, no sweat, no harm. Just a lovely flat area—just like a woman!

Go on, get looking at the gaffs on the En Femme website. You never know how much you’ll enjoy your new look!

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