text reads: don't overdo it! advice for passing. to the left are two pictures of women dressed in pretty, elegant attire

Don’t Overdo It!

I think it’s fair to say that almost all crossdressers seriously admire women; they admire their clothes, their shoes and accessories, and their elegance and beauty—almost to the point of envy!

For many crossdressers, these are just some of the reasons they love to regularly dress in their En Femme finery and emulate the woman of their dreams. As we all know, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and—even though many crossdressers when asked why they dress will reply with a small shrug of their shoulders and a “I really don’t know” sort of answer—the underlying fact is that most are trying to be just like a woman because of their fascination with and adulation of all that is feminine!

Yet, the danger for many crossdressers is that it’s easy to go too far and become a parody of what you are trying to emulate: more like a drag queen or female impersonator, although, of course, such performers set out to do just that—accentuate, exaggerate, and, some will say, ridicule women.

So, when you are next slipping into one of your En Femme skirts and top or a slinky, minidress, don’t go too far!

Well, you might ask, what exactly do I mean by this statement? Let me give you some examples (although I have to say here, the following mainly refers to the crossdresser who ventures out into the great outdoors):

  • Clothes: Who doesn’t like to look sexy, look smart, and appear totally feminine? Yet, how many mature women do you see out and about in microskirts or overly revealing tops? How many women with large stomachs, who are noticeably overweight, or who have a big build do you see in figure-hugging dresses or tops designed for their daughters or granddaughters? How many women have size GG breasts and how many would go around dressed as if they were about to start work on the night shift on some street corner?

    If you want to look like you are a refugee from a drag show or have just been released from a time warp, that’s fine, of course; but, if you want to look like a smart, typical woman, have some decorum in what you wear and how you wear it. Please, don’t overdo the way you dress!

  • Makeup: It takes time, patience, and skill to be able to apply makeup well, so that you look great in your En Femme outfit—and you can certainly be forgiven if your skills have not yet developed to their full potential. Yet, if they have and you still insist in applying far too much blusher or rouge or have fantastic—albeit over-the-top—fake eyelashes and eyeshadow so thick it looks like it has been applied with a handy paint brush, you still haven’t quite got the art of looking like a women quite right. Sure, if you are going to a fancy dress party or masquerade ball, slosh on the makeup but, if you are just heading for a regular night out, temper your enthusiasm and keep your makeup noticeable but discreet, apparent, but not clown-like. Don’t get carried away!
  • Behavior: We’ve all seen it when a number of crossdressers get together for dinner or an event or function. Many simply try too hard to act as they perceive women act. Many are too coy and many exaggerate what they believe to be the typical, day-to-day behavior of other women. Don’t deny you’ve seen it: little waves of the hand when greeting people, exaggerated gestures or permanently cocked wrists/hands on the hips when talking, blowing little kisses to others, and possibly too much hugging when greeting or leaving other crossdressers.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not being critical and all of the foregoing things I’ve described can be done naturally and in moderation, but so many times I’ve seen gaggles of crossdressers over-exaggerate the mannerisms of the women they really—deep in their soul—hold in great esteem. Don’t parody them!

I’m not trying to tell you how you should be dressing, looking, presenting, or behaving but, as most crossdressers want to pass when out and about, keeping it all low key is one of the best tactics you can follow! Women are still people. Acting like a caricature won’t help when you go out.