Baby Steps In Sky High Heels by CiCi Kitten

Baby Steps in Sky High Heels

A Crossdresser's Guide to the Tgirl Lifestyle

Cici Kitten has been writing provocative and meaningful Blogs for over 5 years on the En Femme Blog. This compilation of writings is one of the most comprehensive collections of insights into the transgender - crossdressing life. If you want to better navigate your Journey into Femininity, get this wonderful book..

"Baby Steps in Sky High Heels" is a compilation of blogs written by CiCi for SuddenlyFem™. CiCi has been writing monthly blogs about the transgender / crossdresser lifestyle since 2007.

Author: CiCi Kitten, 195 pages
Kindle Edition $4.49

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Here is one 5 Star review from Amazon that Sums up the scope and relevance of this e-book:


I can't say enough GREAT things about CiCi's Book. The best thing I can say is that it is a True to heart experience from start to present about the trials and tribulations, expectations, disappointment's, and the Highs and lows of choosing the life of being a Tgirl!! CiCi also talks about "The State of the Union" as it relates to the LGBT world. Hopefully!....Now we can help the world understand us more!! If there is a great guide to help you and give you a better vision of understanding and expectations of a Tgirl life, I sure don't know of any!!!. After all....Who better to learn from than someone who lives the life!! I know you will love this book as much as I do and you won't be disappointed!!